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01. "Australia is planning to return to high numbers of immigrants" 

Judith Sloan, an economist who has held many government positions and a well-known commentary and analyst, said that there are signs that Australia is planning to return to a high immigration plan to promote population growth. The first signal is the hypothesis of future net overseas migration proposed in the recent population report released by the government. The report stated that only a few years later, the Ministry of Finance expects that net overseas migration will return to the level before the epidemic, with an average of about 240,000 people per year. Another signal is that in the skilled migration consultation report conducted by the Parliamentary Joint Standing Committee on Immigration Issues, except for most groups, organizations (including some state governments) and individuals, they are basically actively admonishing to attract immigrants, and Julian Leeser, the chairman of the committee responsible for the report, also basically Following the attitude of this party, he said, “We need to resume skilled migration, fill in the necessary gaps, and help create more job opportunities for Australians.” The Prime Minister and the Minister of Immigration both publicly signaled that Australia Immigration is needed after the epidemic recovers, and I hope they can return to Australia as soon as possible to make contributions.

Of course, for real applicants, the signal is far from enough. I hope the action will come sooner, and the large-scale action will come sooner. After all, the current backlog of bridge visa holders in Australia exceeds 300,000. Let the backlog first wait. It can also provide a lot of help! In mid-May, the Commonwealth of Australia is expected to release the budget for the 21-22 fiscal year. Generally, the PR quota for the new fiscal year will be announced subsequently. I hope that there will be good news.

02. Family visas can apply for exemption from the first entry requirements on their own

This week we received an email from the Immigration Bureau confirming that the PR quota for 143 parent immigrants this year has been used up, and the backlog of applications will not be processed until July 1 of the next fiscal year when there is a new quota. The quota for government parent immigration (including 103/143/864, etc.) this fiscal year is only 4,500, and it has been a while since the processing of applications submitted in mid-to-early June 2016. In the Australian visa processing data updated on March 18, there should be no 143 visas issued in February, so no data can be found.

In addition, the exhaustion of the 143 quota means that there should be no quota for 864. Very few visa issuances for 864 have been seen this fiscal year. In the past year or so, the Immigration Bureau has gradually flattened the time difference between 864 and 143. Originally, 864 was 1 year faster than 143. many). As a reminder, due to the epidemic, the parent immigration category of 143, which can only be signed by applicants abroad, can be signed in China from the beginning of this year.

In addition, many PR or quasi-PR visas in Australia will have clause 8504, the so-called initial entry date (Initial Entry Date) requirement, which will be stated in the letter of signing. Generally, this time is the first landing in Australia within one year after the signing of the visa before the corresponding visa can be activated. If you do not land in Australia before this first landing date, there is a theoretical risk that the visa will be cancelled.

From the beginning of 2020 to now, everyone knows that entry and exit have been greatly affected by the epidemic, even if you can enter Australia after signing a PR visa, you may hesitate about the risk of infection, the requirements and costs related to air tickets and entry isolation. , Such as holders of parental immigrant 143 visas. The Australian Immigration Service has partially relaxed this requirement. Previously, it was mainly aimed at applicants for skilled migration. There are clear official documents stating that the Immigration Bureau understands that you or your family members may not be able to first board before the first landing period, and they will not cancel the skilled migration visa for this reason.

Now, the arrangements for family immigrant visas (mainly including parent immigration, spouse immigration, child immigration, etc.) have also come. The official website of the Immigration Bureau has a link to apply for family immigration exemption requirements for first entry. Link:

The following considerations:

1) This link is only for family immigrant visa holders (including temporary visas and permanent residence visas), including visas for parents, spouses and children

2)  Excludes holders of 300 visas for unmarried couples (Immigration Bureau does not consider unmarried couples to be family members)

3) The current Immigration Department's statement should be that the application materials are not required (not sure whether it will be needed later) mainly to fill in basic personal information, location, passport number, and estimated time of coming to Australia. If there are multiple family members, they can submit them on the same application.

4) The Immigration Department emphasizes that this form should only be filled out when the arrangements for coming to Australia are confirmed, and it is only necessary to fill out this form if the time you plan to board for the first time exceeds the time required for the first landing or expires within 3 months. In other words, even if you have expired, but you have not planned to come to Australia in the short term, you are not in a hurry to apply.

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