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1. Australia's national gate on the 21st is fully open; the old backlog of 190/189/491 applications will be reopened


All categories of visa holders can enter Australia without additional application exemption from February 21, 2022, including tourist visas, and the analysis believes that bridging visas can also be included. Australia's current entry process is more relaxed than it was in mid-December last year, especially the international entry quarantine policies in most states. Except for Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, these only include a formal short-term home quarantine after entry. There are also more approved vaccines. The ones that are more suitable for people in mainland China are Kexing or Beijing Sinopharm. Beijing Sinopharm now accepts vaccinations for people aged 60 and below (on the day of entry), and a negative result before boarding accepts RAT test within 24 hours. of. In addition, Australia is about to revise the definition of two injections = complete vaccination, but the federal confirmation that determines the entry and exit of the country does not apply to overseas entry, and it is still 2 injections of approved vaccines.

This week, many of our customers who were waiting to sign on 189/190/491 received notices of supplementary materials, most of which were submitted in the first half of 2020 (some students shared that applications submitted earlier in 2019 also received supplementary materials), Regarding the supplementary materials, it will be a certificate of no criminal record and a medical examination, and then because it takes too long, it may be necessary to supplement the spouse relationship materials. In the past two days, many of our customers have received the Immigration Bureau to fill in the new 80 form, so we also It is recommended that students who also submit in 2019 or 2020 can:

1. You can take the initiative to apply for a new criminal record first. If the person has stayed in Australia and has not left the Australian border after the Chinese criminal record is obtained, you only need to update the Australian criminal record, and vice versa.

2. We also have many customers who have received a new 80 form (but not all) from the immigration bureau. Since the 80 form has been updated in the past two years, and the immigration bureau will need to update their living and work situation and information, please Everyone prepares in advance, mainly to recall accurately, so as to fill in at that time

3. And if you bring a spouse, some conventional spousal relationship materials can be prepared and supplemented in advance

Note: The validity period of the medical examination is only one year, but you can only wait for the visa officer of the Immigration Bureau to contact the supplementary materials, and you cannot update it actively.


If you sign a visa overseas, the first boarding date is listed on the signing letter, but for various reasons, you cannot make the first boarding within the time limit. Will it affect the validity of the visa? There are several situations:

1. Family-related categories such as parent immigration, child visa, and spouse immigration TR/PR can apply to the Immigration Bureau for an extension of entry.

2. For skilled immigrants, such as 489/189/190/491/858GTI, the current automatic email reply from the Immigration Bureau is still clearly stated, and returning after the first landing time will not affect the visa at this stage. Just bring the attached facilitation notice when you come to Australia and apply through the following website:


3. The employer guarantee and 485 signed overseas also require landing within one year. This situation does not belong to the above two categories, but the Immigration Bureau has not clearly explained how to implement it. In principle, everyone is encouraged to land in Australia as soon as possible.


2. Overseas 489/491/494 can be extended for 3 years, it is expected to start from 2.18

The official website of the Immigration Bureau is updated this week, starting from February 18, 2022, if the main applicant is from February 1, 2020 to December 14, 2021 (including the day), 489/491 visa holders who are abroad at any time Or former visa holders (whose visa expires overseas) will be able to get a three-year visa extension compensation, which needs to be a Visa holder. If the main applicant meets the conditions, the secondary application will also be automatically extended for three years.

However, those who have signed these three types of visas currently overseas or domestically, or those who have all been in Australia during the above-mentioned time periods, are not included.

Those who meet the conditions do not need to contact the Immigration Bureau or do anything (except for the very few who voluntarily give up 489 to apply for other visas or have overstay records). It is believed that the relevant legislation will take effect before the 18th.


3. Invitation to the official newspaper in the January round of 189: medical care must also score high, very few projects

The Immigration Bureau updated the 189 EOI invitation official report on January 21, 2022 this week. It is now a three-month round, and the number of issuances in each round is very limited. The next round of issuance will be in April, which is also the last round of this fiscal year. . In January, 200 189s were issued in a round, and the minimum invitation score was 90 points. The DOE was in September 2021. From this round, the Immigration Bureau announced the occupations with invitations and the invitation scores. Those who received 189 invitations were not only

Mining Engineer scored 90 points and Petroleum Engineer scored 90 points. The rest were all medical and nursing professions, and only 491 relatives of RNs nec were invited with a score of 65, and no 189 were invited.

The backlog of 189PR visa applications that we previously adjusted as of November 2021 is 13,033... Of which nearly 11,000 are NZ Streams, so the backlog is 6,500 per year, and the quota for both fiscal years is It's not clear, and it also explains why the 189 invitation is so difficult.


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