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1. 491/190/887 visa backlog! Immigration Bureau cancels domestic priority processing!

We have exclusively obtained the backlog of applications for 491, 190, 189, and 887 applications for the point-based skilled immigration in early April. The following are the data including the main and auxiliary applications-190 to April 5 is 20781, an increase of 6193 compared to the end of the fiscal year

491 to April 5 was 23,711, an increase of more than 5,600 compared to the end of the fiscal year

Due to the 189-point system, due to very few issuances and the previous round of clearing some backlogs submitted from the end of 2019 to the beginning of 2020, there are only 1,753 points left in the scoring system, and more than 11,000 are of the New Zealand category.

489 to 887, the backlog has exceeded 17,000, and about 250 are signed every month in the first nine months of the fiscal year. At this rate, it will take more than 7.5 years to clear. . .

 2. Queensland closes new submissions in this fiscal year, and new EOIs must be submitted in the new fiscal year

Queensland announced on Friday that its quota was being filled, officially closing new applications for the financial year. The general application channel will no longer issue pre-invitation, and the state government that has received the pre-invitation will continue to review, but must submit official materials and pay within 14 days after the pre-invitation. If the application for the SBO stream is submitted within May 6, 2022, there is still a chance to receive a pre-invitation, but the expected processing time will be extended to 8-12 weeks.Whether it is the general channel or the small business SBO channel, new applications need to be submitted in the new fiscal year, and it is expected to be opened as early as July 1st. There are 1180 190 and 950 491 quotas in Queensland this fiscal year. Obviously, the focus is on the small business channel. We have invitations from various occupations. Those who meet the requirements of the work channel are also invited.


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