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Victoria has sent another ROI invitation, and more occupations with lower scores will be picked up!

Victoria, which issued 1,100 ROI invitations at the end of August, soon issued a new round of invitations. It is estimated that the number of this round should not be less than the previous round. Some of the students who received the "encouragement" email in the last round got the invitation, but many did not. The day after the invitation was issued, the state government sent this email to some of the students who were still waiting. Speaking of the data of this round of invitations, compared to the last round where the majors of the epidemic were the main ones, many other occupations have come ashore in this round, and some overseas applicants have also been invited. The data collected by our customers and externally are as follows:

Accountant (General) – 221111, 95+5, with related work for nearly a year

Accountant (General) – 221111, 100+5

There are also invited to share lower scores

Actuarial, 95+5 points

Developer Programmer – 261312, 95+5, 2 years+ in related work

Analyst Programmer – 261311, 95+5, about 1 year of related work

Registered Nurse nec 80+5

Social Worker 75+5

Early Childhood (Pre-primary School) Teacher – 24111, 85+5

ICT Business Analyst 2611, 105+5 points

ICT Business Analyst 2611, 80 points, income 10W+

Registered Nurse nec, 75+5, overseas

Environmental engineer, 80+5 points, overseas

Chemical engineer, 90+5 points, overseas

Developer Programmer – 261312, 100+5 points, overseas

There is no need for a job to submit a 190ROI submission in Victoria, but from the analysis of our two rounds of invitations, it can be seen that they are all nominated occupation-related jobs in Victoria for a period of time, especially for popular occupations such as IT/engineering/accounting. In addition, many ITs were invited in this round, and some were invited to share with a low score of 80/85. The income declared by the applicants was generally relatively high.


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