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1. The new fiscal year of Tasmania may be greatly changed: graduates will become more difficult, and new long-term residence categories will be added!

In the case of a serious shortage of Tasmanian quotas and applications for several consecutive fiscal years, the Tasmanian government will further optimize the screening system for state guarantees in the new fiscal year. One is to select talents that Tasmania is lacking, and the other is to give applicants. More certainty (rather than many submissions now because the quota situation has been on hold), the state government this week announced the post-7.1 reform opinion draft (submitted in this fiscal year but not on hold will be based on the time of submission. Policy review), the graduate stream is more impacted, and there is an additional category similar to long-term residence, including three important streams:

A. Work channels (with some relaxation) 1. The applicant group is limited to aged and disability carers, nursing support, personal carers or special carers in ANZSCO nominated occupations 1-3 or Level 4 2. You can also apply if you have a part-time job and meet the application requirements 3. Applicants with job evaluation related jobs can apply for 190, and job evaluation related jobs will be based on contributions to Tasmania and will no longer be limited to the TSOL occupation list B. Graduate pipeline (more stringent requirements) 1. Applicants need to hold an undergraduate degree or above 2. Non-student visa holders will no longer need to complete training courses related to priority industries and workforce development areas 3. At least three months of work experience related to the course and nominated job evaluation is required after graduation 4. Passing multiple degrees to meet the study duration requirement is no longer accepted 5. Holders of C3 or Level 4 qualifications will not meet the application requirements C. Long-term residency channels (possibly new opportunities) 1. New application channels for living in Tasmania for at least 2 years or more to apply for 491 and 3 years or more to apply for 190 2. A total of 6 months of working time at ANZSCO level 4 and can demonstrate the ability to live and develop in Tasmania in the future 3. Open a new state guarantor application channel for graduates who do not meet other application channels (including only Certificate degrees) and applicants who return to live in Tasmania 2. As the compensation policy 489 is about to expire but has been extended for 3 years, can I go to the big city as scheduled? Immigration: Yes! Not long ago, the Immigration Service granted automatic three-year visa extensions to compensate 489 visa holders affected by border closures. But for some people, this can be a bad thing. Because 489 is valid for 4 years, there are generally 8539 or 8549 visa terms, so holding a 489 visa requires living, working and studying in remote areas. Many 489 holders will submit after meeting the requirements of 887. The 887 bridge will not take effect before the 489 expires. Now the 887 trial is very slow. Some people wait until the 489 expires immediately and plan to hold the 887 to cross the bridge later. city. The immigration bureau "compensated" so that they continued to stay in remote areas, and the time was not short. This week, the Immigration Bureau updated its official website, clearly stating that when holding 489, the transfer 887 has been submitted, and due to the automatic extension policy, 489 holders whose 489 was about to expire but were forced to postpone can move out of remote areas. It is equivalent to a small special exemption. As a simple example, suppose that Xiao N's original 489 visa time was from January 2019 to January 2023, and he met and submitted the 887 visa application in January 2022. Previously, due to the automatic extension policy, 489 was automatically extended until January 2026. I thought it would continue in remote areas until January 2026, but according to the current official website of the Immigration Bureau, Xiao N can be counted in January 2023 and later. If you still hold 489, move away from remote areas and continue to wait for 887 to be granted.


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