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1. The new fiscal year: 491/190/189 quotas have risen sharply; this fiscal year, the technology category has an additional 10,000 quotas!

The biggest good news this week is of course that the quota for skilled immigrants has risen sharply. One is that the 189/190/491/employer sponsorship category has risen sharply in the new fiscal year, and even the parental immigration has an overall increase of 1,500 quotas; the other is the technical category this fiscal year. There is also an additional 10,000 PR quota.Note: The new fiscal year refers to the 22-23 fiscal year, and the time period is July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023; the current fiscal year refers to the 21-22 fiscal year, and the time period is July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022 (three months left to end).10,000 additional PR quotas for technology category in 21-22 fiscal year What is rare in this budget is that the 10,000 quotas originally belonging to the family category will be allocated to the technology category, that is, the PR of the technology category will increase from 79,600 to 89,600 this fiscal year. How to allocate these 10,000 quotas? Although not yet known. As a result, 189/190 is currently gradually clearing the old backlog, and some states have also received additional nomination quotas. 22-23 FY22-23 Employer Guarantee/189/491/190 and other quotas rose sharply The real positives of the technology PR quota increase this fiscal year and next fiscal year ① Expect visa processing to be accelerated The PR quota is actually the visa processing quota, so it will directly affect the visa processing. It is hoped to see the processing speed up, especially the long-standing 189/190/491. As of December 17, 2021, the numbers of these categories that have waited for six months or more to be signed are as follows: 190: 3,122 were suppressed domestically and 4,837 overseas were suppressed, for a total of 7,959 491: 5,401 domestically, 3,315 overseas, 8,716 in total 189: 6,776 domestic applicants and 2,037 overseas applicants, for a total of 8,813 applicants, most of them are NZ-stream applicants 489: Only 325 are still under pressure inside the country, and 3784 outside the country, a total of 4109 The above does not include applications within six months with a shorter waiting time. The official website of the Immigration Bureau also stated that the waiting time is much longer than usual due to the closure of the border. At present, when the border has basically returned to normal, they are working hard to clean up old applications. We can all see that the Immigration Bureau is working hard to process the end of 2019 to March 4, 2020. 189/491/190 of the old visa applications for the month, looking forward to continue to see acceleration. ② States are expected to receive more state-guaranteed nomination quotas in the new fiscal year This needs to be announced at least until around July 1, 2022. This fiscal year is officially announced by the Immigration Bureau on July 1, 2021. The impact of PR quotas on the nomination quotas of the states is indirect. It does not mean that there are 30,000 states guaranteed PR quotas, and a total of 30,000 state-sponsored nomination quotas are equally distributed to the states. For example, this fiscal year was originally scheduled to be less than 22,400 491+190PR quotas, but the actual number of 491+190 state nominations that each state received was 26,830. With more PR quotas, it is reasonable to expect that states will receive more nomination quotas in the next fiscal year, especially when both the 491 and 190 categories have risen sharply. So how much is allocated in each state? Look at the wishes of each state, some want to develop more 491 population, and secondly look at the size of the state. For example, the Immigration Bureau believes that Tasmania was originally scheduled to have a total of 3,500 states this fiscal year. If the quota is enough, there will be no replenishment of the quota. ③Will the invitation for the new fiscal year 189 get better? Like the state guarantee, the quota of 189 is first used for visa processing. This quota is used jointly by the 189 points system and the NZ stream. From the data of our file adjustment, we can see that there are nearly 10,000 applications waiting for the backlog. In addition, the 189 era has In the past, state sponsorship and employer sponsorship were the focus of the current federal development, so it remains to be seen whether the invitation of the 189-point system will improve. The parent immigration category has also increased from 4,500 quotas in this fiscal year to 6,000 quotas. According to the previous ratio of 4:1 between payment and queuing, the paid category should have around 4,800 quotas, which is also a good thing

2、Official visa processing speed update

The Immigration Bureau also announced the latest visa processing speed reference this week. 408 is obviously slow, 189/190/491 is slowly cleaning up old applications, and employer-sponsored priority occupations are still fast. For details, please see:

189 points system 25% waited less than 59 days, 50% waited less than 5 months, 75% waited 24 months, which is slower than the last update, 90% waited 35 months or less, which is also slower, explain Cleaning up the old backlog. 190 State Guarantee 25% waited less than 3 months, 50% waited 8 months, 75% waited 9 months or less, 90% waited 19 months 491 remote area state dan For the state-guaranteed category, 25% waited within 79 days, 50% waited within 7 months, 75% waited 9 months or less; 90% waited 18 months or less For the relative guarantee category, 25% waited within 66 days, 50% waited within 4 months, 75% within 7 months, 90% within 14 months, basically maintained 408 Short Term Activity Visa For the branch of government-approved activities specially opened under the epidemic, 25% waited within 77 days, 50% waited for 3 months, 75% waited for 4 months; 90% waited for 6 months or less. 482 employer sponsorship 482 nominations: 25% waited within 3 days, 50% waited within 26 days, 75% waited within 64 days; 90% waited 13 months 482S-T visa: 25% waited within 62 days, 50% waited within 4 months, 75% waited within 9 months; 90% waited 15 months 482M-T visa: 25% waited within 33 days, 50% waited within 67 days, 75% waited within 5 months; 90% waited within 10 months


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