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1. Queensland is responsible for closing applications this fiscal year, Tasmania reminds everyone to wait patiently

As this fiscal year enters the last two weeks, state responsibilities have entered the stage of closing the backlog of applications. Queensland State will no longer issue new invitations from June 14th, including skilled immigrants 190, 491 (including small business 491) and investment immigrants have been closed, the rest of the time the state government will continue to review the pre-invited but Applications that have not yet been nominated. In addition, we learned from the state government that in the new fiscal year, the state government will restrict small-scale purchasing agents from participating in 491 small business projects.

Last week, the state of Tasmania, which has closed its new application channel and focused on clearing the backlog of applications, reminds students who have submitted applications for state responsibility this fiscal year to wait patiently for the news. Please do not send emails to inquire about the review. The state government will do its best to do its best by June 30 or As many applications as possible will be processed before.

2. A large number of losses from overseas immigrants, the population growth of Australia in 2020 is only 0.5%

The 2020 population data that has been severely affected by the epidemic has finally been released. In the year ended December 31, 2020, Australia's population growth rate was only 0.5%, and the number increased by only 136,300 people, and the number increased by only 6,900 in the last quarter of 2020. people. One of the major reasons is the lack of overseas immigration (mainly including PR and TR that can stay in Australia for a long time). In 2020, net overseas migration will only increase by 3,300 people, a sharp decrease of 98.7% compared to 2019, which means a decrease of 244,400 people. Net overseas migration will only increase the total population of Australia by 2.4%.

With the blessing of the natural birth population, the population of all states and territories will have a positive growth in 2020, but the net overseas immigration of the two major states of NSW and VIC has dropped sharply, and VIC has lost many domestic immigrants due to multiple lockdowns.

The net overseas immigration status of each state and territory in 2020, most of the contribution of entry comes from PR entry, PR/citizen’s immediate family members, and a small number of exemptions.

3. Morrison: It may be possible to test the entry "traffic light" system with international students

Although the 2020 net overseas immigration is very bleak, and there is no improvement in the first half of this year, the return of overseas students to Australia in the pilot program has ushered in good news one after another. First of all, the quarantine measures for the pilot in South Australia have been approved by the federal government, and the implementation time can be as early as 9 month. Previously, NSW, which said that it would pick up international students in 6-8 weeks, said that the NSW plan will be approved soon, according to the senior officials involved.

In addition, Prime Minister Morrison stated that Australia will consider piloting a new “green light, red light” system (inspired by Europe) for international entry to help increase the entry of low-risk overseas people who have been vaccinated. Different risks are treated in different ways, and they can be tested in the entry of international students first. However, all gradual border opening programs that start with returning overseas students to Australia on a pilot basis will include isolation measures.

In the European "traffic light" system, a green light indicates that there are virus antibodies in the body (if PCR testing or vaccinations have been carried out during the relevant period). These data will be fed back to the relevant database to help border customs clearance. If it is a red light, such as in the United Kingdom, citizens entering from overseas are in a red light state and must be isolated at the hotel for 10 days and undergo a return to cloudy test on the 2nd and 8th days.

In the order of entry issues, first let Australians go home, then solve the problems related to international students, and solve the labor shortage caused by the border closure.

Morrison, who was out of the country in social circles, said that establishing a system to identify vaccinators at the border is the key to establishing a travel bubble. At present, the country is Singapore first, and then may expand to Japan and South Korea. The challenge now is to use overseas. Identify the compatibility of the system.

4. Call for parents to enter the country to continue to promote, and the backlog of parents' immigration applications exceeds 110,000.

Independent MP Zali Steggall will submit a petition to exempt parents from entering the House of Representatives on Tuesday. She said that the current policy does not have a long-term plan and is untenable. "One third of people in Australia were born overseas. Many people are facing the pain of separation from their families and partners because of the government's exemption policy. Many people are considering their options and may leave permanently. Without reviewing this policy, Australia may face a serious loss of skills." The Green Party Senator Nick McKim filed a petition in the Senate on Wednesday, accusing the government's current border policy of a complete lack of compassion and humanity. Everyone continued to pressure the government to allow their parents to enter the country.

According to the latest data we obtained, the backlog of parental immigration applications as of April 31, 2021, has reached 114,213, of which 143 paid more than 56,000. In the next fiscal year, the total quota for parent immigration is basically determined to be only 4,500, and 3,600 for the paid category. If this number is continued later, it means that it will take 15 years to submit it now... it is not an exaggeration.

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