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1. Singapore is ready to communicate with Singapore.

Indonesia’s already-travel bubble is a topic of discussion during their meeting, and Singapore is ready to achieve interoperability with Australia.

The new leader Greg Hunt's home base proposed to the Coalition Party: Australians who have had their visas are allowed to go abroad, and there is no need to compel hotel quarantine when returning. In addition, the quarantine that can hold Australian hotels also includes the United States, Canada, Singapore and other places, such as the United Kingdom, and other countries with "verifiable vaccination status."

This is Australia's measure to encourage vaccination. Policy-making Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly said that he would not rule out incentives such as lottery tickets or prizes in the future to ensure that more students are vaccinated as planned. Vaccines", people who have been vaccinated are no longer subject to temporary state restrictions on travel.

Qantas Australia, New Zealand and New Zealand launched their scholarship program this month and will provide gold awards for people in July. The points will provide 100 points (airway) points, flight vouchers and (level) points, and 1000 awards will be provided for each state and There is at least one territory.

2. The Minister of Immigration reiterated the importance of skilled migration, and the state responsibility/189/employer guarantee is supported

When the Minister of Immigration attended the meeting this week as a special guest of ACCI Australia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the latest data showed that online recruitment advertisements have reached the highest level in 12 years, and the current number of vacancies is 96.4% higher than the first month of March 2020. .

The Minister said: "Demand and competition for labor sources have increased, and the immigration plan will work with other departments to help businesses recover.

More than 20,000 visas for the 408 epidemic have been issued so far. These include those who work in urgently needed industries such as nursing, agriculture, tourism, and service industries (with work authorization), as well as those who do not have work authorization for temporary transition. They are all visa-free. Application fee, you can contact us if you need it.

He is already considering expanding and expanding the PMSOL list. He said: "I know, in a sense, every industry has become a key shortage industry and the demand for labor is also high. We still have to work hard to open the border safely. And get vaccinated to bring in technical talents," he said, reiterating that the government will cooperate with representatives of enterprises and departments to solve the serious shortage.

In addition, the government is also reforming business innovation and investment immigration to create job opportunities and support the country's economic recovery. More news will be received in the new fiscal year.

A recent report by the Australian government think tank Grattan Institute pointed out that Australian immigrants need to return to skilled immigrants as the focus. Skilled immigrants mainly bring financial dividends to Australian society because they pay more taxes than the public services and benefits they receive in their lifetime, and immigration has little impact on the wages of existing Australian workers.

3. The PR quota for skilled immigrants in the next fiscal year reverses and then reverses

On Monday, mainstream Australian media such as SMH took the lead to report that the PR quota for skilled immigrants in fiscal year 21-22 has changed again. GTI and investment immigrants will reduce their quotas to employer guarantees, state guarantees and a small part to 189. Although the number is not large, it is also good news.

However, in the relevant meeting records of the 2021-2022 Budget Estimates where the information source was found, some people raised objections to the understanding of the relevant content. The content of the senior immigration response refers to the adjustment of the 20-21 fiscal year, but the mid-to-late fiscal year (April) It is very rare to adjust the PR quota.

The PR quota setting for fiscal year 21-22 has not been changed, and the quantity is the same as that displayed in fiscal year 20-21. The Budget Estimates for 2021-2022 are misunderstood. The changes mentioned are all for fiscal year 20-21. .

This is the reply received from the Immigration Bureau as of 2021.6.4. It is prudent and only for reference up to this point in time. Now that the new fiscal year is almost a month away, we cannot predict whether the senior officials of the Immigration Bureau will have any new considerations. After all, such a rare thing to adjust the quota in the middle of the fiscal year has happened. Announcement.

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