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1. Canberra has a new round of invitations as usual, ICT65 was invited 491

Canberra's invitation is as usual. In this round, 7 employer guarantee categories were invited, all of which were 190 general applicant categories. 73 491 were issued. The invitation score for accounting remained 95 points. The specific invitation scores for more occupations are as follows:

Accountants and auditor are both: 95 points to get 491

Civil Engineering professionals: 65 points to get 491

Electrical Engineer: 65 points to 491

Electronics Engineers: 65 points to 491

Early childhood education: 65 points to get 491

ICT category has been invited: 65 points to get 491

Cook: 65 points to 491

Chef: 70 points to get 491

2. The official newspaper of Western Australia was released in October, with a large number of pre-invitations! Refine the priority!

Western Australia issued pre-invitations on both 10.26 and 29 last month, and this Friday gave a summary of the official report (you need to submit materials and pass the state government review before it can be considered as a formal nomination)

General stream (applicable for out-of-state applications)

Sch1 mostly invited medical care, 190 invited 44 people, and 491 invited 26 people. The minimum invitation score is 70 points, and it will be submitted on February 22, 2021.

Sch2 (covering some popular professions such as major accounting), 190 invited 319 people, 491 invited 411 people, the minimum invitation score is 65 points, submitted on October 20, 2020.

WA graduate stream

In the higher education category, 190 invited 361 people, 491 invited 291 people, the minimum invitation score is 75 points, submitted on September 14, 2021.

In the VET category, 190 invited 24 people, 491 invited 59 people, with a minimum invitation score of 100 points, to be submitted on May 10, 2021.

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