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1. A large number of new temporary visas have the opportunity to renew 408 for 6/12 months

In order to solve the labor shortage, the Australian government once again threw an olive branch to the temporary visa, this time mainly targeting domestic people. The Immigration Minister announced this week that temporary visa holders will be able to apply for a 6/12-month 408 visa (special branch of the pandemic) with work rights free of charge for all sectors. This visa application needs to be lodged on or after 21 February 2022, and

- the applicant was in Australia on or before 21 February 2022, or

- The applicant entered Australia after February 21, 2022 but has a temporary visa with work authorization, or

- The applicant entered Australia after February 21, 2022 but submitted a job offer from an employer with federally funded aged care service at the time of the 408 visa

Applicants who are working or are planning to work in the key sector will be able to extend their visa for 12 months. Key sectors include: agriculture, foodprocessing, health care, aged care, disability care, child care, and tourism and hospitality

If it is for other sectors, it can be extended for 6 months.

For students who need to renew their visas, this is also a solution to some urgent needs, and the application is free of application fee.

In addition, it is expected that from April, 476 visa holders / former visa holders who were previously unable to enter due to the epidemic will be able to receive compensation for a 24-month visa extension. The temporary cancellation of the working time limit for the sub-application of the 407 visa will take effect immediately. Like the study visa, this policy will be reviewed in April 2022.

2. From the March 5th, the scope of remote areas has expanded, and Queensland has benefited the most

Also this Thursday, the Minister of Immigration signed a decree to expand the remote areas of Australia designated by immigration from March 5th. Comparing the current and latest legislation on the division of zip codes in remote areas, it is determined that the expanded areas are concentrated in Dabu, Queensland. Lisbane area. Newly added remote postcodes in Queensland: 4511/4512/4514-4516, please refer to the pictures for more intuitive changes: 

 After the expansion, there will be more options for 485 visa renewal, 491 and part 489, and business immigration 888/892. The new remote area classification will take effect on March 5, 2022, and is applicable to the submission of new visas in the above categories (489 has no new submissions) and the issuance of visas.

Submit a new visa - for example, USC of the University of the Sunshine Coast has two campuses in the newly added remote areas. Graduates of these two campuses will soon be able to apply for a second visa if they meet the original conditions of the 485 second visa. Going a step further, such as moving to a new remote area to run a small business and then getting a 491 nomination in Queensland, you can also submit a new 491 visa later.

Visa grant - For example, applicants who have submitted 491 and have not signed before moving to a new area after 3.5 are also staying in remote areas at the federal level (but you need to consider the commitment to the guaranteed area first, which is another topic). After signing the contract, you can stay in the newly added remote area and transfer to 191 step by step. In the same way, you can get 489

This new addition is mainly beneficial to study abroad and immigration applicants in these areas. For example, graduates of USC students of the University of the Sunshine Coast 189/190/491 can claim extra points for studying in remote areas, and the 485 second visa can also be renewed at least if they meet the relevant requirements. In 1 year, the choice of 491 small businesses in Queensland has also expande 


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