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The Immigration Bureau will relax some S48 restrictions on visa applications; the support rate of immigration rebounded after the epidemic, ABC followed up and reported the amnesty petition

The latest legislation announced by the Immigration Bureau, starting from November 13th, applicants who are restricted by the immigration law S48 due to domestic visa refusal can also submit skilled immigration 190/491 and remote employer sponsored 494 visas, but they still cannot submit 189 visas. 

The Guardian, the Australian media, took advantage of the recent return of immigration to conduct a poll of Australian voters. After experiencing the epidemic, Australian voters have actively eased their attitudes towards immigration.

- The number of voters who believe that the number of immigrants is too high has dropped from 56% in January 2019 and 64% the year before to 37% now

--More than half of the interviewees agreed that immigration is vital to Australia's business and economy. Only 20% opposed this view. Exactly half agreed that increasing immigration would help companies recover from the economic impact of the epidemic. Recovered

-72% of the voters who participated agreed that "temporary work visas should be used to make up for real skills shortages, not to provide cheap labor." 59% of the voters surveyed also believe that temporary workers are essential to fill skills shortages.

This week, ABC News followed up on the Australian immigration amnesty petition we initiated. The article interviewed applicants participating in the petition, local employers and NewStars registered migration agent Kirk Yan who organized the petition, and attached details. Background introduction. Thanks to Annie, the nurse who worked hard on the front line of the epidemic, and Mr. Hu, the hotel director who personally participated in the work of quarantining the hotel, for participating in the interview. Nearly 12,000 people have signed the petition.

Subsequently, in a statement provided to ABC News by a spokesperson of the Ministry of the Interior, Australia had been providing visas and application conditions for flexibility and diversity during the epidemic, and thanked temporary visa holders for their contributions to Australia during the epidemic, and strongly encouraged them Find a suitable way to stay in Australia.

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