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1. Parents of Australian PR/citizens are expected to be exempt from entry in November

This Friday, the Prime Minister of Australia personally announced that Australia will include the parents of pr/citizen as immediate family members when the two-dose vaccination rate reaches 80% (expected in early November), which means that the parents belong to the group that can be exempted from entry. . The category has been updated on the official website of the Immigration Bureau on Saturday, and more details will be announced before 11.1. If you do not have a valid visa abroad, you can contact and submit your visa now! The prerequisite for being exempt from entering Australia is to have a valid visa:

Such as travel visa: PR or citizen parents can apply for a validity period of 3 years and a stay of 12 months (if they have been to Australia); if the parents have not been to Australia before, they can apply for a validity period of 18 months, with a maximum of 12 months each time. Month travel visa. Both have clause 8558, which means that any 18-month residence period cannot exceed 12 months.

***Australia currently exempts some of the newly submitted 600 travel visas from visa fees under the epidemic, but applicants must meet the following requirements: hold a tourist visa that was approved when they were outside Australia on or before March 20, 2020, and the visa is in The visa has expired or is about to expire between March 20, 2020 and December 31, 2021, and the visa is a multiple-entry visa or an unused single-entry visa to Australia. New applications must be submitted before December 31, 2022.

***Previously, Australia has no plan to grant PR/citizen’s parent group exemption. It is necessary to apply for an entry exemption separately (for example, for bringing Australian grandchildren back to Australia for school/medical reasons). After the entry exemption is approved, the travel visa will be granted. Will be reviewed and approved. As parents are about to be included in the exempt group, it is expected that the travel visas of overseas parents will start to be processed, but there is already a large backlog.

If you consider a longer-term 870 visa: You can apply for a one-time 870 visa that can be valid for 3 or 5 years. This visa does not have a limit of 12 months of residence every 18 months. After the visa expires, you can apply for the 870 visa again. Hold the 870 visa to live in Australia for no more than 10 years, and does not directly connect to permanent residence. The visa application fee is relatively high, and the holder does not have the right to work, and the child needs to obtain the qualification for guarantee first. The guarantee conditions are:

1. The guarantor must have been in Australia for 4 years or more

2. The guarantor can be the applicant’s child or the child’s spouse (can guaranty two parents at a time)

3. The guarantor’s last fiscal year’s income or household income (referred to as taxable income) exceeded $83454.80. If family income is used, the guarantor’s income must exceed half of this amount (meaning that if the applicant’s children’s income is less than half, and the child’s spouse’s income exceeds half, then let the child’s spouse be the guarantor)

Other options can be a part-time and part-time visa, which has the right to study and work. We have previously approved visas for 50+/60+ older applicants. The difficulty of application depends on the applicant’s age, education and language level. .

In addition to the visa issue, it is vaccination. Australia currently only recognizes the domestically produced Sinovac Biotech, which requires two doses of full vaccination. Australia does not currently approve it. If it is not two doses of full vaccination of Sinovac, it means that the entry cannot be quarantined at home (the latest announcement of entry from NSW is exempt from quarantine), and 14 days of hotel quarantine are required.

2. The Minister of Immigration Speaks on Skilled Migration: Returning to As soon as pratical, next year is a big year ahead

Don’t worry if you’re waiting. At the MIA’s annual meeting last week, the Minister of Immigration who participated expressed Australia’s hope for the return of international students and skilled migrants. For a good opportunity. I believe that this fiscal year's 160,000 PR quota can still be filled, and with the opening of borders, there will be more overseas applicants. The opening of borders is now the most important and priority task of the Immigration Bureau, and various tasks are in progress.

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