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1. The vaccination rules for people who have been exempted from exit/entry are refined, and Australia and Singapore are still working hard to reach it

If you are an Australian citizen/PR who received an exit exemption on or after 2021.5.20, but you have not left Australia and are under 50 years of age, you can apply to the corresponding state government for vaccination. However, if the reason for leaving the country is "there is a sympathetic reason to leave the country for more than 3 months", you will not be able to apply for vaccinations for the time being.

The same person under the age of 50, who has obtained an entry exemption and has a TR in Australia, and the entry exemption was approved on or after 2021.6.8, can also apply for vaccination. If the entry exemption was approved before 2021.6.8 and you have already entered Australia to stay here, you need to apply for a new entry exemption before you can apply for vaccination.

But pay attention! Vaccination for people who have been exempted from entry/exit is not compulsory.

The more important news about the opening of the two borders this week, NSW has officially announced a pilot program for overseas students to return to Australia, which will be implemented in the next 6-8 weeks, first with 250 people every two weeks, and then increasing. The first priority for international students is: courses must be taught face-to-face, medical and health-related majors, or nearby graduate students.

Prime Minister Morrison also went to Singapore this week to discuss the travel bubble with the Prime Minister of Singapore. It is certain that Singapore will be Australia’s next travel bubble pilot. Both parties are also working hard to advance, but it may take several months. The two countries have not yet reached an agreement on the standards of travel bubbles.

2. Tasmania is responsible for closing applications for this fiscal year, and Victoria announces the final ROI official report

Tasmania is also close to running out of quotas. At 5 pm this Friday, Tasmania has officially closed applications for state guarantees for this fiscal year. Tasmania still has about 300 491 formal nomination quotas and 250 190 formal nomination quotas. Both will be used for applications that have already been submitted, and the backlog in Tasmania is still very serious. Among them, there are 1,200 of 491 that have not been heard, and more than 300 of 190! The trial that has not been completed on 2021.6.30 will be closed and refunded.

Victoria, which closed its state duty application early this week, also released the final ROI official report this week. A small part of the 190 quota was wasted and 491 was a serious waste. The specific invitation data as of May 31 are as follows:

190 issued 1,806 formal nominations, and 381 are still under review. The nomination quota for the full fiscal year is 2500. Even if all of the remaining 381 trials are passed, 313 190 quotas will be wasted. 7157 ROI applications received

491 issued 303 formal nominations, and 74 are still under review. The nomination quota for the entire fiscal year is 1043. Even if all the remaining 74 trials are passed, 666 491 quotas will be wasted. 1403 ROI applications were received.

All ROIs that were not invited this fiscal year must be resubmitted in the new fiscal year. Victoria’s 491 setting in this fiscal year does not have too many conditions and professional relaxation compared with 190 in this fiscal year. It is not competitive. I hope that the setting in the next fiscal year will be more reasonable. Don’t So much quota is wasted again. And 190 can be expanded to more occupations, this fiscal year is still the vast majority of jobs related to medical care social workers.

3. New South Wales 190 invites again

NSW issued 190 invitations this week, which should be the June invitation round. Unlike before, most engineering students were invited in this round, especially civil engineering. The minimum invitation score is 85. The DOE is from the end of 2019 to 2021. Recently, for other engineering majors and ICTs, we have seen a few sporadic, but not many, specific ones (because there are more data, repeated occupations + scores, not listed separately)

Civil Engineer – 233211 85+5

Civil Engineer – 233211 90+5

Civil Engineer-233211 90+5

CivilEngineer-233211 95+5

MechanicalEngineer-233512 90+5 DOE20/9/2020

Computer Network and Systems Engineer – 263111 90+5 DOE22/12/2020

As for whether this is the last round of NSW this fiscal year, it’s still hard to say, and the official will not announce it in advance. The latest official data available is a bit lagging. As of the end of 2021.4, NSW 190 has issued 568 official nominations. After that, nominations continued to be submitted. After the pre-invitation, it was relatively quick to submit the materials and issue the formal nomination. Some of our classmates got it in less than a week. Regarding the submission of materials, it is still better to find professionals for professional matters, and don't waste hard-working invitations.

Since the end of the fiscal year is approaching, applications for 491 in various regions of NSW have been closed. Recently, we have seen that most of the invited graduates are from remote local graduates.

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