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1. 189 ushered in the peak of invitation

This week 189 ushered in the invitation for the 22-23 fiscal year. Normally, the first round of 189 in the fiscal year is in July, this time it was delayed by a month, so the next invitation may be in October/November. There was also an invitation rain in the last round of 189 last fiscal year. Compared with the one in April, there are several changes:

- The number of invitations this time is obviously more, there are thousands less.

-The main invites are still social workers, medical care and teachers, but the invited scores are lower, with a minimum score of 65 to land

-More invitations for overseas applicants and more occupational types

-More careers are invited, although most of them don't have low scores

Some of the data we have compiled are-

Chef 80 points

Civil engineer 95 points

Construction project manager 90 points

University lecturer 85 points

ICT sercurity specialist 100 points invited

Auto repair 65 points invited

Social Work 85 points

Secondary school teacher 85 points

Early childhood education 80/85 points

Registered nurses (Critical Care and Emergency) 65 points are invited

Registered Nurse (mental health) 70 points

Midwife 65 points

GP 90 points

Physiotherapist 75 points

*The above are all onshore invitations

Offshore social worker 65 points

Offshore preschool education 70 points

Offshore Uni lecturer 65 points

Offshore middle school teachers 65 points

In addition, we also appeal to the students who have been invited to suspend their other state responsibilities and EOIs of 189, so as to give the waiting partners one more opportunity and minimize the waste caused by repeated invitations.

If the students who have submitted the 491/190/887 visa application but have not signed the visa, think that their conditions are better, they can submit 189EOI and other applications from the operation. However, the 189 category is not much faster than the 491/190, mainly because the previous invitations are all majors in short supply, no matter which category is fast. If you have signed 491, you cannot apply for most skilled immigrant visas for the first three years.

2. The first invitation for the Victorian fiscal year, accounting/IT/engineering has been invited

Victoria issued the first round of ROI pre-invitations for the fiscal year this week. Victoria, which opened up all immigrant occupations to apply for, issued a lot of ROI invitations in the first round. Although similar to 189, medical care/teacher/social workers were invited with low scores. The main force, but there are also accounting 100+5 points and 190 points, engineering 85+5 points and 190 points, and many ICT majors and construction, which are much better than the previous fiscal year.

Accounting 100+5 points, relevant work + more than 2 years of relevant work experience, DOE19/8/2022

491 Accounting 85+15 points with relevant work and 2+ years of relevant work experience

Mechanical Engineering 85+5 points with related work

Architect 90+5 points with relevant work and 2+ years of relevant work experience

QS 95+5 points

chemical engineer 85+5 points

Biomedical engineer 85+5

Software engineer 95+5

Developer programmer 90+5 points

Computer 261111 95+5 points Relevant work and 3+ years of relevant work experience

Preschool education 85+5 points with related work (preschool education still has 80+5 points)

Secondary school teachers 85+5 points

Registered nurse (aged care) 85+5 points with relevant work and 3+ years of relevant work experience

Registered Nurse (NEC) 75+5 points

Registered nurse (aged care) 75+5 points

Social worker 95+5 points with relevant work and 2+ years of relevant work experience (minimum social worker has 75+5 points)

85+5 points in overseas civil engineering, eight years of work experience

Overseas civil engineering 85+5 points, seven years of work experience

IT with 85+5 points overseas

Overseas software engineer with 90+5 points

These are all ROI invitations. After being invited, you need to submit formal materials within 14 days. After being reviewed and approved, you can get a formal nomination and occupy a state quota.

On the second day of the first round of invitations, many students who submitted received emails from the state government, some said that they could not locate EOI or could not process ROI, and some students received a technical error soon after. This is most likely a mistake of the state government system. We suggest not to cancel the application directly as required after receiving the email, because some students cannot submit a new application after the cancellation. If you are in a hurry, you can contact the state government to ask, or wait for the state government Fix the system to make a unified explanation.

3. South Australia is open to applications, and there are many more occupations in the channel

There are 2700 190s and 3180 491s in South Australia this week, which announced policies to open new applications at the same time. There are six channels, five of which are for graduates in the state or who have worked and lived in the state, and there are certain preferential treatment for those in remote areas. We mainly talk about the Highly Skilled and Talented channels that can be applied for out of state and abroad:

Uniform requirements:

- At least four levels of 7 in the language

- Currently working full-time (at least 30 hours per week) with an annual income of at least $80,000

For applicants in Australia

1. Demonstrate extensive experience in high-skilled jobs, senior or executive-level positions

2. Prove that at least one of the conditions is met

- has started working in South Australia

- are working out of state or have an employment contract and have indicated plans to relocate to South Australia

- Demonstrate specific experience and skills required in South Australia's critical priority sectors (below)

3. Requirements for employers

- Employers need to have been in business for at least 12 months and have been operating in South Australia for the past 12 months and have premises

- Annual turnover of at least AUD 4 million, start-ups or operating in outer regional South Australia may be exempt

- No bad records

For overseas applicants

If you live overseas, but meet the requirements of the Highly Skilled and Talented stream, you can also try to submit an ROI application. In addition to meeting the requirements for this stream

- At least four levels of 7 in the language

- Currently working full-time (at least 30 hours per week) with an annual income of at least $80,000

Requirements for overseas applicants are: Demonstration of extensive experience in highly skilled work, senior or executive-level positions, as demonstrated by:

-The employer is an internationally renowned company

- the employer is a multinational company doing business in South Australia

- Demonstrate specific experience and skills required in South Australia's critical priority sectors

4. Western Australia lowers its requirements to grab people; ACT issues Matrix

After WA, which first announced the state policy, got the quota and saw that all states have relaxed the robbing of people, it lowered the requirements and expanded the list of occupations again. The main changes are:

1. Local graduates take the graduate stream, and no work experience and job offer requirements are required to apply for 190/491.

2. General stream sch1&2 mainly for out-of-state/overseas applicants. If you apply for 190, the job offer requirement is reduced from 12 months to half a year, and 491 is no longer required; the work experience of general stream sch1 is required to be retained, general stream sch2 originally had no work experience requirement.

3. Reduce language requirements. Manager and professional occupations previously required at least 4 7s, but now they are reduced to 4 6s

4. Eliminate the $200 state application fee and no longer need to prove that you have sufficient funds to settle in Western Australia

5. Continue to increase the occupations on the list of occupations, and the list of graduates has been expanded to a total of 331 occupations; general stream sch1 has increased to 90 occupations (mainly medical care), and general stream sch2 has increased to 189 occupations. The common occupations added this time are:

232111 Architect

233111 Chemical Engineer

312212 Civil Engineering Technician

411711 Community Worker

263111 Computer Network and Systems Engineer

149311 Conference and Event Organizer

149212 Customer Service Manager

The WA General stream sch2 that can be applied in other states basically covers common occupations, and there are various options for popular ones.

Western Australia's first round of General stream pre-invite some data to share:

190 General Stream, Accounting 90+5, 1 year local accounting related work experience, non-local graduate

(Accounting 190, most of the invited scores for the general stream are 90+, and the graduate stream for local students is 80+)

190 General Stream, ICT developer programme 95+5 points

190 General Stream, Software Engineer 95+5 points

190 General Stream, ICT security specialist 90+5 points

491 General 2 Accounting 85+15

491 General 2 Accounting 80+15


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