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1. Victoria ROI is open for applications, and other states bear the news

On July 7th, the investment returns will be maintained as scheduled. Unlike the previous fiscal year, there is no periodic round of investment returns in this fiscal year to submit the opening and closing time. Applicants can be at any time during 21.7.7-22.4.29. submit. The ROI that has been submitted in the previous fiscal year but has not been invited will not be retained until the next fiscal year, so if you still want to apply, you need to re-submit. The rules for selecting applicants are also clearer:

1. First remove the ROI that does not meet the requirements in the pool

2. The ROI that meets the requirements of the portable depends on the dynamic conditions

3. Everyone chooses according to my EO ranking and comparison

If the applicant with a low score in the same industry is invited first than a high score applicant, then the applicant with a lower score may have a higher contribution to the industry/industry, or there may be no job for applicants in the related industry.

Reminder: Remind everyone that there can be an active ROI at any time. If you want to replace or change it, you must replace it, and then submit a new one.

2. Western Australia has a new small branch, and an out-of-state accounting opportunity is here! ?

Western Australia updated its state policy this week, and Western Australia, which was not very active in the last fiscal year, also made some positive changes this time. In the past, Western Australia was divided into General stream and local graduate branches. The general stream had very few occupations, and they were all medical related, so we often say that Western Australia is basically only suitable for local graduates.

This fiscal year, Western Australia has added new schedule 2 requirements and lists under the General stream. It is for applicants in Australia. Schedule 1 is mainly for previous medical occupations.

General stream-Schedule 2

In addition to the general federal skilled immigration requirements,

- There is a full-time job offer in Western Australia, with a duration of at least 12 months (full-time is defined as working at least 35 hours a week and can be pieced together with two contracts), nominated occupation or closely related occupations when necessary. Independent contractor and self-employment do not meet the requirements, sole trader may consider it as appropriate

--The applicant currently lives in Australia and is not restricted by s48 Bar

--If you are an ANZSCO Group 1 (Managers) or Group 2 (Professionals) occupation, you need to reach 4 IELTS 7 levels, and other occupations need to reach 4 6 levels (the same PTE is also possible)

- There are many applications, and most of them are 190 and 491.

Some common occupations are

221111 Accountant (General) 190&491

233211 Civil Engineer 190&491

351411Cook 190&491

233311 Electrical Engineer 190&491

262112 ICT Security Specialist 190&491

233512 Mechanical Engineer190&491

272511 Social Worker 190&491

261313 Software Engineer 190&491

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