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1. The official visa processing reference speed update

On Friday afternoon, the Immigration Bureau updated the general waiting time for applicants who have signed in March. Please see a few categories that you are most concerned about:

189 : 25% waited within 23 months, 50% waited within 25 months, 75% waited 36 months, 90% waited 39 months or less, obviously cleaning up old visas

190 : 25% waited within 4 months, 50% waited within 7 months, 75% waited 8 months or less, 90% waited within 10 months

491 Remote state government guarantee: 25% waited 3 months, 50% waited 6 months, 75% waited 9 months or less; 90% waited 22 months or less489 old remote state government guarantee: 25% waited within 20 months, 50% waited within 23 months, 75% waited 28 months or less, 90% waited 32 months or less

482 nominations: 25% waited within 6 days, 50% waited within 30 days, 75% waited within 45 days; 90% waited 7 months482 Long-term jobs: 25% waited within 30 days, 50% waited within 46 days, 75% waited within 3 months; 90% waited within 9 monthsAnd the tourist visas and student visas (VET and higher education as an example) that everyone has asked about recently (the statistics are not divided into domestic and overseas)


2. The latest backlog of parental immigration applications, and now the submission is still waiting for 10+ years...

Our latest update is the backlog of applications for various parental immigrant visas by the end of February 2022:

143 paid classes 65214 103 queuing class 35641 864 paying senior parents 4882 143 Paid class is now submitting 65214/4800 (the number of approvals in the new fiscal year), and it has to wait for more than 10 years

We have also shifted the file to this fiscal year ending on February 28, and a total of 3,005 parental immigrant visas have been approved. This fiscal year, the remaining quota for the paid category is 1374, and the remaining quota for the queuing category is 352. I hope to hear more good news about signing up in the future. We have clients who submitted in July 2016 and received supplementary materials in early April, but the official website of the Immigration Bureau shows that the processing speed is still in June 2016.


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