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1. Canberra re-issued an invitation, first in the small business category, with a minimum score of 190 and a score of 90 to be invited

This Wednesday, Canberra issued the third round of invitations for this fiscal year. Unlike last week, it only issued 491. There were 190 in this round. New small business projects also issued invitations for the first time.

General categories of applicants: 30 190, with a minimum score of 90 for matrix invitation; 171 with 491, with a minimum score of 65 for matrix

Small business category: 2 491, minimum matrix score 65 points

There are many occupations that are issued in this round. ICT and engineering 491 are generally scored at 65, and the starting point for 190 is 90 points. Specifically-

Accounting (submitted on 06/21): A minimum of 95 points, 491,115 points, and 190 points invited

Audit (submitted on 06/21): Minimum 95 points, 491,115 points, 190 invited

Civil engineering: minimum 65 points are invited, 491 90 points are invited 190

ICT2613: Minimum 65 points are invited 491, 90 points are invited 190

ICT2631: Minimum 95 points to be invited 190

ICT2611: Minimum 70 points to be invited 491

Social workers: minimum 65 points are invited, 491 105 points are invited 190

Canberra 491 has as many as 1,400 quotas this fiscal year, while 190’s quota is only 600.

2. The first invitation in the fiscal year of Western Australia will still take care of local graduates

Because of the opening of the out-of-state Job offer channel and the inclusion of Western Australia guarantees that can be applied for popular occupations in accounting and IT engineering, this fiscal year has received more attention. This week ushered in the first invitation of the fiscal year. The data summary on the official website of the state government will not be released until some time. From our customers and collected data, the Job offer channel did not see too many invitations. The main invitations are still local graduates. Health category——

Higher qualification stream for local graduates--

70 points are invited for undergraduate graduation

All master65+ have been invited

Seen there are invited occupations: civil engineering with 75+5 points; pharmacist and restaurant manager

VET Stream of local graduates--

Adv Diploma Graduation: Those with a score of 65 or more have received an invitation (the chef did not receive an invitation)

General Stream-Schedule 1 that can be applied in other states

90 points to get an invitation with nursing

GeneralStream-Schedule 2 (job offer) that can be applied for in other states

There is no invitation information for 190/491 in popular majors such as accounting and IT

3. The Immigration Bureau updates the progress of visa processing and is still dealing with the old backlog

This week the Immigration Bureau announced the data on visa processing in the last month of the previous fiscal year. The applications that were signed were all submitted earlier, which proved that the old backlog is still being processed.

75% Of Visas Processed means that 75% of the applicants who have signed in this category last month waited within this time period

90% Of Visas Processed means that 90% of the applicants who have signed in this category last month have waited within this time period

189 scoring system: 75% in 18 months, 1 month slower than the last update; 90% in 27 months or less, 2 months slower

190 state guarantee: 75% within 12 months or within, accelerated by 1 month; 90% within 18 months or within, decelerated by 2 months

491 State government guarantees in remote areas: 75% within 10 months, deceleration for 1 month; 90% within 13 months or less, deceleration for 1 month

482 employer guarantee nomination: 75% need 22 days, 90% need 52 days (recent employer guarantees, especially accountants newly added to the PMSOL list, nomination processing and signing are speeding up)

407 training visa: 75% within April or within 3 months accelerated; 90% within 11 months or within, maintained.

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