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1. The exemption for overseas 485 holders will be announced soon, and the business community urges the return of skilled immigrants to plan soon!

Immigration Minister Alex Hawke said in an interview last Thursday that the government will soon ("very near future") announce the exemption policy for 485 visa holders abroad. This time the exemption policy is for those who have previously signed in China. After returning home, the holders who were unable to return to Australia due to the epidemic, and the visa validity period was lost day by day. Efforts are currently being made to determine which exemption policies apply to overseas 485 holders, possibly extending or reinstating their visas, and are working closely with the Minister of Education to formulate plans, which are expected to be announced in the next few weeks.

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Australian Industry Group, and the Association of Small Business Owners Organizations collectively called on the federal government to provide detailed plans for skilled immigration to Australia as soon as possible. It is believed that once the states and territories get rid of the blockade, the shortage of skills will quickly intensify. It is hoped that the date of the return of skilled immigrants will be determined so that enterprises can make preparations.

Some supplements to the Victorian International Student Back to Australia Program. 120 people are picked up every week. The program is divided into two stages. The first stage requires actual work (such as internship) to continue or complete the degree and graduate students will be given priority. The second stage will be extended to international students in TAFE, English language courses, private colleges and middle schools.

The university will provide additional isolation places for student visa holders (fees to be determined). The number of entries will not be counted in the state entry cap. It is determined that students need to pay for the flight to Melbourne by themselves.

2. Tas 190 has an invitation rate of nearly 80%, and promises to hear as soon as possible

Tasmania held the latest presentation on Thursday, updated the information, and the state official also reiterated the reminder. Up to now, there are nearly 1,400 applications waiting to be processed, of which 400 are 190 and 1,000 are 491 applications. At present, 190 applications filed in June are processed, and 491 applications filed in March are processed. About 100 new applications are received every week, 66% of which are 491. In the next 1-2 weeks, the backlog of the previous fiscal year will be processed as soon as possible, and the applications for the following fiscal year will be completed within two months as much as possible.

The number of invitations 491 and 190 were 356 and 123 respectively, and the remaining quotas 491 and 190 were 1,844 and 977 respectively. The invitation rates of 491 and 190 were 62% and 79%, respectively.

Career plan reminds again to prepare according to the template, the content requirements are concise and clear. Do not copy and paste the questions to make up the word count. Regarding the choice of student learning and skills training: If you already have a degree, it is recommended that learning can provide ‘foundational skills’ training. And don't make fakes at work and banks, the consequences are serious!

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