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1. New state 491 water release accounting/ICT and other popular, you still have a chance in March!

This Friday afternoon, NSW491 was distributed to many applicants, and Stream3 was distributed in large quantities. The following is a summary of S3:


There are too many, some are in the Sydney area, and some are located in remote areas of New South Wales. The work experience ranges from 0 to 4 years, and there are 7 or 8 bombs. The minimum score is 70+15 points to be invited, and people are in the Sydney area. Live, have 7 bombs but no one-year work experience plus points


Engineering and IT -

Civil Engineering 55+15 Sydney

Civil Engineering 70+15 points One year work experience Remote NSW

Civil Engineering 70+15 Seven Fried Sydney

ICT 261312 90+15 Seven Fried Sydney

ICT 261312 65+15 Remote NSW


Other majors -

External Audit 95+15 points One year work experience 8 fried Sydney

Solicitor 75+15 Years Experience Sydney

Secondary school teacher 85+15 points


From the information collected from the outside, Production or plant engineer was invited with 75 points, QS with 65 points, and chef with 60/70 points.

Stream 3 of NSW 491 only needs to nominate occupations on the list and have relevant occupational assessments to submit, and people can submit in Australia (although so far we have seen invitations in remote NSW or Sydney areas), It is a good plan B. There is still another chance to submit in March this year, and invitations will be issued in early April.

2. Western Australia's original quota has been used up, waiting for replenishment, but 5,000...

The Western Australian government has confirmed that the original nomination quota for the 21-22 fiscal year has now been used up. This fiscal year, Western Australia has received 1,100 quotas of 190 and 340 of 491. After obtaining the pre-invitation, applications submitted with formal materials will continue to be processed. , but it is temporarily unable to carry out the final step to formally send nominations. These applicants will receive an email notification explaining the current situation.

It is indeed a bit early to use up the fiscal year quota five months ahead of schedule. In early August, the Governor of Western Australia sent a letter to the Commonwealth asking for an additional 5,000 states to hold the nomination quota, but he has not heard back. This announcement also mentioned that if the state government can get the nomination quota When it comes to replenishing the quota, no matter how much, the state government can issue formal nominations, otherwise it will have to wait until the next fiscal year to get a new quota, which is equivalent to taking up some opportunities in the next fiscal year.

Western Australia has been very generous in its distribution this fiscal year. In the previous rounds, there were hundreds of pre-invitations in each round. In-state graduates were basically required, and out-of-state job offer streams were also available for a large number of occupations. It was worrying at the time. , it is not enough.

According to the previous precedent, it is still possible to look forward to an additional few hundred additional quotas. However, it will take time to discuss and approve the approval. Students who have already submitted applications or reported their hopes will have to wait for a period of time for additional quotas.


3. The remaining quota of Canberra, and the invitation to be issued in small quantities

This week, Canberra also issued a new round of Matrix invitations. The number is very small, which means it. Domestic general applicants issued 8 190s and 16 491s; small businesses issued 1 190, 85 points, 3 491s, and 65 points were invited; overseas issued 8 190s and 10 491s. With such a small number of invitations, the score is naturally higher than normal, so it will not be listed in this issue.

Then the state government also updated the use and review of nomination quotas on February 1, 2022. There are 578 quotas left in 491, which is 116 per month, and 248 quotas in 190, which is 50 per month. It is still relatively healthy to see the usage, so this round of distribution is less, the high probability is because there were too many Matrix invitations in the previous rounds, and the state government was too busy with the trial, so slow down a little, little friends don’t need to worry.

After Matrix was approved, the nomination application pass rate was 84.6% for 190 and 82.3% for 491.


4. Most Australians agree that long-term TR is "worthy" of PR, and the bridging visa calls for "freedom of entry and exit"! Tourists entering Australia, soon?


In an independent survey conducted by the Human Rights Law Centre in mid-December, the vast majority of Australians surveyed agreed that immigrants deserve a permanent residence after living and working for a long time and should have the right to plan a stable life. Fifty-eight per cent of respondents believe the biggest benefit of immigrants living and working in Australia is targeted filling of skills shortages. Just 26 per cent believed migrants should only be working for employers in Australia on temporary visas for a limited period. Among them, New South Wales and Victoria have the highest recognition of TR.

Hundreds of thousands of bridging visa holders waiting to sign in China have so far not been able to enter and exit freely. They must be exempted from leaving and returning to Australia, and they are not eligible to sponsor overseas parents to visit Australia. Their appeal for free entry and exit continued to ferment. In addition to collecting more than 20,000 petition signatures, many Australian media spoke out for them this week. Many people have worked and lived in Australia for many years and have been signed by PR/quasi-PR visas. Dragging, one step away from the green card, those with key Australian skills still can't do anything, the Australian government is now almost leaving them at the end, and they are the most frustrated and annoyed. Due to Australia's "efficient" visa processing system, there are 360,000 people who are in bridging visa status in China. This does not include the large number of people who are waiting to sign overseas.

Morrison continued to say this Sunday that, given that the peak of omicron has passed, Australia's previous step-by-step opening of borders to temporary visas has also progressed smoothly, and the next step is not far from the opening of tourist visas. The Minister of Home Affairs also said in a TV interview that Australia Close to opening the border to tourists.


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