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26 Apr 2022

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Study visas can continue to work without time limit; three states cancel hotel quarantine for overseas entry without approved vaccines

Update on the official website of the Immigration Bureau this Friday: It is determined that all study permit holders can continue to work without a time limit until the follow-up notice (analyses say that it may be at least until the end of June). This includes courses such as university/VET, as well as sub-applications, and after the course starts, there is no problem. However, students must continue to follow other visa conditions, such as attendance rates.NSW, VIC and QLD have successively announced the relaxation of overseas entry restrictions for those who have not been vaccinated with approved vaccines. They no longer require mandatory hotel isolation, but only need to conduct RAT tests. New South Wales will start to implement it on April 30. However, if you are a visa holder, if you are not fully vaccinated with approved vaccines of any type (such as two doses of Wuhan Bio/Zhifei, or those over 60 who are vaccinated with Beijing Sinopharm), you need to get a federal exemption first.

Apply for International Entry Exemption - Approved - Flights back to Australia - Hotel quarantine according to the policies of each state after entry There are few or no exemptions for such persons. Therefore, the most benefited groups from this change are the PRs/citizens who can enter the country without applying for an exemption at present (this should also be the starting point for the relaxation of the requirements of the two states), and if they do get an entry exemption but due to the lack of exclusion Others who have been placed in hotel quarantine and have been unable to enter the country for a long time. Others still have to pass the exemption first.


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