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1. Pre-invitation for the first fiscal year of Western Australia

Western Australia issued its first round of pre-invitations for the financial year this week. And the number of distributions is not large. Although the official website has not updated the data, but only from our customers and the information collected, there are a lot of graduate channels and general streams that graduates from out of state can also go. In general, local students scored lower. However, there is no news that overseas people have received pre-invitation (the state government said that overseas applications will be opened this fiscal year)

190 General Stream, Accounting 90+5, 1 year local accounting related work experience, non-local graduate

(Accounting 190, most of the invited scores for the general stream are 90+, and the graduate stream for local students is 80+)

190 General Stream, ICT developer programme 95+5 points

190 General Stream, Software Engineer 95+5 points

190 General Stream, ICT security specialist 90+5 points

190 Graduate stream, accounting 80+5 points

190 Graduate stream, Accounting 85+5

190 Graduate stream, RN 85+5

190, social worker 95+5 points

491 Graduate stream registered nurse 75+15

491 Graduate ICT security specialist 75+15

491 General 2 Accounting 85+15

491 General 2 Accounting 80+15

Everyone should note that the above is a pre-invitation. After getting the pre-invitation, you need to submit the materials within 28 days. After the approval, you can get the formal nomination. Therefore, these pre-invitation does not mean that you can get the nomination. The core requirement of Western Australia is to have a job offer in the nominated occupation in WA and relevant work experience in Australia. The general stream requires a 12-month job offer, and the graduate channel is 6 months.

The requirements for a large number of popular majors such as IT/Accounting/Engineering to take the General Stream Sch 2 channel are:

- The nominated occupation is on the WASMOL – Schedule 2 list

-Language requirements: Nominated occupations belonging to ANZSC Group 1 (Managers) or Group 2 (Professionals) must achieve IELTS 4 7s (equivalent PTE accepted), other occupations must achieve IELTS 4 6 levels

-Job offer: Have a full-time job offer/contract in Western Australia for at least 12 months in a nominated occupation or in a highly relevant occupation

2. The 485 granted, but the immigration category has not improved; the prime minister said that the approval of the signing was slow and a mistake

This week, 485 (non-replacement) officially started a wave of signing rainstorms. Those submitted in the second half of 2021 to the beginning of this year are all signing underground. It is an exaggeration to say that signings are being signed day and night. At present, we see Most of them are domestic students. Now many students' 485 is 3 years or 2+1 years, and they have more time to prepare and plan immigration. At the same time as the 485 visas are raining, we have not seen a lot of immigrant visas this week, and it is still sporadic light rain. The Minister of the Interior said that the priority overseas skilled immigrant visas have not seen obvious signs of implementation for the time being.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, who was asked again about the skills shortage at a news conference, said the shortage was exacerbated in part by the backlog of visa applications, which was partly due to disruptions to public services and the failure to process visas as usual to keep people moving. , whether it is a skilled work visa, a permanent residence visa, or a visitor visa, there are such problems.

3. New applications for Australian study visas hit a new high; New Zealand fully opens up tourism

In a report to Australian education institutions, the Immigration Department said new applications for study permits received in June this year were the highest in the past 10 years, with 42,700 new applications in just one month. And the momentum continues, with an average of nearly 10,000 student visa applications received from overseas in July. June is generally the "peak season" for student visa submission, because July/August is the largest school season in Australia, and everyone has to come to Australia to study at this time. In 2019, before the pandemic, 34,015 study permit applications were received in June.

Phil Honeywood, chief executive of the Australian Institute of International Education, said the demand for studying in Australia was recovering. Last week's immigration minister's press release also mentioned that 62,000 student visa applications have been processed since early June, but the backlog still needs to be processed step by step. Starting from July 31, New Zealand's border has been opened to tourists and international students, marking that New Zealand has basically achieved a full opening of its border. Since February this year, New Zealand has been opening step by step, and it has been opened to Australians in March this year.


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