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1. EOI official newspaper for round 7.26: 500 invitations, machinery and other projects were invited!

This Friday, the Immigration Bureau announced the status of the EOI for round 7.26. The number of EOIs for 189 was 500 and the number of relatives 491 was 250. The next issuance will be October.

The minimum score for the non-eight popular majors 189 is 80 points (07/19). Again, because it is now manually issued, this score and time only represent a small number of selected majors.

Among the popular majors, 2335 mechanical engineering scored 189, with a score of 90 (04/21), and 2339 other engineering, with a score of 90 (04/21).

Relatives of 491, with a minimum naked score of 65, were invited (03/21).

However, in this update, the Immigration Bureau did not provide the total number and usage of Ceilings for each occupation in the current fiscal year. Although the total number of Ceilings in the fiscal year has no reference meaning, comparing the number of Ceilings used in the previous round and the current round, it is still You can see which professions have invitations this round. I don’t know if it’s too late to update or? Now there is only an explanation left:

We can only read the specific job invitation situation in combination with the report summarized by ourselves:

189 Invitation

254412 Registered nurse-aged care 90 points, DOE March 24, 2021

233913 Biomedical Engineer-90 points, DOE May 28, 2021

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍ 233913 Biomedical Engineer-95 points, DOE September 29, 2020‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍

233913 Biomedical Engineer-95 points, DOE May 15, 2021

233915 Environmental Engineer-90 points, DOE December 17, 2020

Registered nurse-medical 95 points

We also saw mining engineering and Registered nurse-nec invited.

491 Family Guarantee

ICT security specialist-80+15 points, DOE July 1, 2021

Chef 70+15 points, DOE May 8, 2021

Repeatedly, 189 has gradually been "abandoned" by the immigration bureau. Now even if it has a high score, even in engineering and IT, it is only a Plan B. If you are lucky, it may be caught, but it is really not recommended as the main waiting option. !

Employer guarantee, NSW/Victoria/Canberra/South Australia and other states guarantee, you have a good choice!

2. Are permanent overseas PR/citizens not allowed to leave the country after entering the country? the fact is! The number of naturalization of Chinese immigrants fell by more than half in the last fiscal year

In the past two days, many people came to ask a piece of news: Australians (including Citizen and PR) who have been overseas since August 11 may not be able to leave after entering Australia! ? In terms of new immigrants, it may mainly involve children's shoes who have just obtained PR and plan to come back to Australia after landing for the first time, including skilled immigrants and parent immigrants.

In fact, many reports are over-interpreted. Everyone knows that after the government closed the country at the end of March last year, PR/Citizen cannot leave Australia directly. They need to meet certain exemption conditions. There are mainly two categories. One category is an automatic exemption. Crowd: There is no need to apply for an exemption. You can leave directly after leaving the airport and border inspection for basic inquiries. PR/citizens who previously resided in overseas countries belong to this category, and include, for example, airline jobs. Personnel, overseas staff of the Australian government, etc., another category belongs to the need to apply for departure exemption and can only leave after approval, including our most common ones such as family illness, own business or finding overseas work.

Now due to the new round of severe conditions, in order to reduce the movement of people, especially to reduce the pressure of quarantining hotels, it is required from August 11 to require PR/citizens of other countries to apply for departure exemption before they can leave Australia. , It’s not that you can’t leave. To apply for an exemption, you need to provide corresponding supporting materials. According to the requirements of the government’s official website, you can provide the following materials:

1. Overseas driving license (such as Chinese driving license)

2. Overseas ID

3. Overseas rental contract or bill

4. Certification letters from overseas employers, etc.

I believe that if you are returning to Australia for a short period of time, and you are indeed a person who has settled overseas in the long term, these should be basic materials that are easy to obtain. Just remember to submit the exemption early and not miss the itinerary.

One month has passed since the 20-21 fiscal year, and some statistics have been released one after another, and the number of naturalizations of the main immigration source countries has also been revealed. The number of immigrants from mainland China dropped from the third to fourth in fiscal year 19-20, and the number also fell from 14,764 to 7,302, or more than half.

In the 19-20 fiscal year, the Immigration Bureau itself is undergoing rapid processing for exceeding the standard, breaking through 200,000, compared with 120,000 or 130,000 before that. Except for the trial itself, every aspect of the last fiscal year was affected by the epidemic, such as work arrangements, such as entry and exit issues, so in fact, the total number and major countries have decreased.

The first place is still India, but it has also dropped by more than 14,000; the second place in the United Kingdom has dropped by more than 8,000; although the Philippines has risen to third, the number has also decreased by more than 4,000; and the only one with Australia before New Zealand, which has interoperability, has achieved a rise against the trend, but there has been a slight increase, rising to fifth place.

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