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1. The Federation is considering adjusting the number and proportion of PR quotas

Fitch Ratings, one of the world's top three credit rating agencies, warned this week that Australia may pay a significant economic price because the number of immigrants is still low. They believe that it will not be able to return to the pre-epidemic level by 2023, so a surge may be needed in the next few years to make up for the 2020-2021 gap.

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry ACCI, one of Australia’s largest employers’ organizations, also further urged the government to support skilled migration, believing that it is conceivable that skilled migration will increase to 200,000 per year.

In addition, the high-level NSW government officials in the last two weeks also suggested to promote large-scale immigration, and the opening of the border and the increase in the number of skilled immigrants gradually became a heyday.

The Minister of Finance of the Federal Government said at the ACCI meeting that: The government is indeed actively discussing adjusting the number and composition of PR immigration projects when the country is open. It is possible to recover from 160,000 this fiscal year to 190,000, and increase the proportion of skilled immigrants among them (in fact, it is also restored. Australia has transferred a considerable part of the quota from skilled immigrants to spouse migration due to the epidemic in the 20-21 fiscal year)

The government is well aware that border closures will have a huge impact on population growth, and it also knows that immigrants are usually a good supplement to the younger population.

2. The Prime Minister's prediction: starting from the end of November, the country will be opened for foreign students and skilled immigrants

Prime Minister Morrison said in an interview with the Sunrise column team this Thursday: As early as late November, early December, international students and skilled immigrants will start entering New South Wales.

“Let’s talk about the return of students and skilled migrants in particular. We will see the return of skilled migrants from NSW from the end of November to early December.” The Minister of Immigration said: We believe that skilled migrants will return soon. The government will continue to announce policies to promote.

From a rational point of view, although the Prime Minister said, the editor feels that the term has not yet been officially announced. It should be from last week to this week that not only the external news continues, but also the government’s internal government’s discussion of the issue of opening up the entry of foreign students and skilled immigrants has also been given a higher priority. The federal government and NSW may also be discussing it, which can be the initial formation of international students. There may also be some temporary visas for the Australian pilot.

All in all, it can be expected that it will be open to international students and skilled immigrants within a period of time (no longer indefinitely). This should be unquestionable so far. This opening should also start in NSW, and it should be relatively smooth. . Opening up must be gradually opening up. It is unreasonable for some visas or some priority situations to come in all at once.

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