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1. The Immigration Bureau has updated the visa processing progress. Most of the 190 & 491 are still being reviewed recently, and the employer guarantee is super fast!

After nearly 2 months, the Immigration Bureau has finally started to "work". This week, the official reference data for visa processing has been updated. There is not much change in the skilled immigration category, but the speed of employer guarantee is faster. Okay.

189 points system - 25% waited within 47 days, 50% waited within 5 months, 75% waited 21 months, which is slower than the last update, 90% waited 33 months or less, which is also better. slow. 189 The gap between the medical and nursing professions and other professions continues to widen. The 189s we signed sporadically recently are all nursing (submitted in 2021.9)

190-25% waited within 4 months, 50% waited within 7 months, 75% waited within 8 months, 90% waited within 22 months, which is slower than last time

491 states - 25% waited within 78 days, 50% waited within 6 months, 75% waited 9 months or less; 90% waited 20 months or less. 491 has cleaned up some old backlogs in the past two weeks. Most of our customers are accountants, and the number is not very large, but for a short period of time.

489 In the original remote areas, 25% waited within 19 months, 50% waited within 21 months, 75% waited 25 months or less, and 90% waited 30 months or less

489 to 887 - 25% waited less than 15 months, 50% waited less than 15 months, 75% was 17 months or less, 90% was 22 months or less, we just had a 2020 this week Submitted in April and signed this week, the family of four is in China.

482 nominations have been accelerated to: 25% waited within 1 day, 50% waited within 12 days, 75% waited within 39 days; 90% waited 10 months

143 Paid parents immigrate to sign too few, no statistics


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