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1. The Director of Immigration finally made a speech: It has been requested to sign the backlog quickly, especially for the technical category

Australia's border has been gradually opened for nearly half a year. Many people want to revive, restore and develop, but they are stumped by visas. The boiling of public grievances about Australian visa processing has become a heyday. Applicants, employers, NSW and Victorian premiers, and the tourism industry are all eagerly awaiting the Immigration Minister's response.

This week, the new aged care minister said that she will discuss with the immigration minister about policies to attract immigrant labor. The labor shortage in the aged care industry across Australia is too serious and needs to be filled by overseas immigrants. Some employers even suggested to provide overseas workers willing to work. Permanent residency and settlement convenience.

Employers in remote areas also hope that the government will help accelerate the return of WHV; the tourism industry is very dissatisfied with the speed of the current tourist visa approval, which seriously hinders the recovery of their industry.

Finally, the Minister is here! In an interview with the media this week, the minister said that he knows everyone's expectations and concerns. Processing outstanding visa applications is now a priority for the Australian government. He has raised my concerns with the immigration office about the status of visa processing. The government will work to Ensure that visa applications are processed in a timely manner.

2. South Australia closed this week for most new applications for the financial year

On Monday, South Australia announced the closure of several new application channels for skilled and investment immigrants this financial year.

Skilled immigrant class——

- ROI submission for overseas applicants will close at 4pm on June 9, 2022 (closed)

- Talent and Innovators Program ROI submissions close at 4pm on June 9, 2022 (closed)

- Formal applications for the Skilled Migration category will close at 4pm on June 23, 2022

Investment immigration category——

- Applications for 188A will close at 4pm on June 9, 2022 (closed)

- Applications for 188B/C/E will close at 4pm on June 20, 2022

All applications submitted by the deadline will be processed by the state government by June 30. The news of the new fiscal year 22-23 will also be announced soon.


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