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Australia's border opening is delayed by 2 weeks, and more details about 485 are announced

The arrival of Omicron made everyone's plans slightly delayed. Originally, 485/500 and other temporary visa holders could arrive in the first batch on this Wednesday. Now they have to wait another 2 weeks. The current attitude of the Federation is that this time it is just a pause button, and there is no plan to close the border for a long time. They need a little more time to evaluate. The current plan is to open on December 15 , Australia will continue its pace of opening up. The prime minister also urged the states not to close borders at will. NSW has stated that it will not return to lock down. However, some states also have tightened immigration policies from other states. Students who have travel plans during the year-end holiday, please pay close attention to the corresponding health bureau. Information on the official website.

In the 485 New Deal, the compensation policy for staying overseas this week and the validity period of the master/VET have been extended, and further updates have been made.

The official website of the Immigration Bureau has preliminary information on alternative categories of the 485 epidemic

But said the government is still studying more details and will update it step by step if it is added! This category is only open to overseas applicants who are unable to return to Australia due to the closure of Australia's borders under the epidemic. It is expected to open in mid-2022 (mid-2022, it is not clear that it must be July 1st)

Currently determined application requirements:

-On and after February 1, 2020, have held or are still holding a 485 visa

-From February 1, 2020 to December 1, 2021, if you have been outside Australia at any time at any time, the government is still considering more application requirements, considering that more should be provided Supporting evidence documents.

-Applicants will get a full-length valid visa as their initial 485 visa, and the specific 1.5/2 years depends on the level of education.

-The visa fee for an alternative visa is 1680 Australian dollars, and a visa fee is also required for each additional sub-application.

The 485 visa information page on the official website of the Immigration Department has also been updated

---PSW-taught graduate student 485 is increased to 3 years of validity

--Graduate Work stream, that is, the old TR will also start from December 1, 2021, and will be extended to a 2-year validity period (the main beneficiaries are VET graduates)

-- Involving overseas signing (also a special policy under the epidemic, 485 can be signed overseas), the 485 signed overseas was allowed to enter within one year, and it will only take effect after entry, so now after the start of the new policy, overseas new orders The 485 visa was directly changed to 3 years (undergraduate or 2 years), and the visa will only take effect after landing.

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