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1. Australia pushes a new visa, which is expected to be implemented in September

The main background for the launch of this visa is that Australia has always relied on working holiday visa holders to fill the agricultural labor shortage. After the epidemic, WHVer basically only cannot enter and exit like other visas. The government has thought of many other methods but it has been very There is a shortage of people; second, the United Kingdom exported about 10,000 working holiday visas to Australia a year before the epidemic. Australia has been negotiating a free trade agreement with the United Kingdom. One of the requirements of the United Kingdom is that it hopes that Australia will relax the UK working holiday visa holders. Relax the work requirements for renewal, and raise the upper limit for applying for a working holiday visa in the UK to 35 years old.

After constant negotiation and balance, the Australian government finally announced that it is basically determined to launch a new agricultural visa at the end of September, and revealed that there is a channel to transfer to PR. Specifically, first apply for a 403 temporary work visa. It is estimated that after holding it for 2-3 years, it will provide a possible green card transfer. So what kind of talent can apply for a 403 visa? The 403 visa is a long-established visa. In addition to the United Kingdom, which has a free trade agreement with the Australian government immediately, there are also some Pacific island countries that have a labor agreement with Australia.

Although China and Australia also have a free trade agreement, the Chinese and Australian governments do not yet have an agreement to transport seasonal labor. However, the government has also said that it will gradually expand the countries that can apply for it, giving priority to importing from the United Kingdom, Southeast Asia and other countries, and more countries may participate in the future.

The government stated that the relevant visas will be implemented no later than September 30. I believe that more specific details will be announced in the next month, such as the specific conditions that must be met before you can apply, how to transfer to PR after application, etc.

2. The latest news and invited summary of the Victorian State Secretary's lecture

In this week, Victoria held a new round of state duty talks. The key information is summarized as follows:

- So far, more than 4,300 ROIs have been received, but 491 of them are very few. The state government encourages submissions

- If the company you work for has two types of sectors suitable (such as Life science and Agri-food), you can choose one of them to submit, and the government will contact the company to determine whether it meets the requirements;

--At this stage, the state government mainly considers Medical Research or other related research talents as particularly outstanding applicants

- Can it be submitted in the following circumstances:

① If an accounting graduate does not have a STEMM related degree, it should be normal, but if so, please declare it in the ROI and also prove that you have relevant skills in your work (such as statistics, mathematics, etc.)

② Data Science can be classified into Mathematics and meet the STEMM skills and can be submitted

③ Middle school teachers who teach STEMM related skills can meet the state guarantee requirements and try to submit (this will be verified in the next invitation)

It can be seen from the invitation data that the state guarantee basically fulfilled the invitation priority mechanism mentioned in the previous two official announcement lectures:

1. STEMM skills

2. Work experience in Target Sector

3. Personal contribution to Victoria

4. EOI score

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