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1. VIC adds new occupations, QLD state assumes delayed opening

Victoria added digital games skills to the Digital target sector this week to apply, which means the direction of game development engineers (Digital game engineers), mainly including game programming, game art direction, AI and physical programming. However, the first round of invitations for Victorian ROI is still pending.

The only Queensland that has no news has updated the information this week, but we have to wait...The state government stated that they are still consulting on the requirements for this fiscal year, and they expect to reopen in September 2021 ( Originally scheduled at the end of July).

2. Please be sure to hold a study permit during the overseas online course

Recently, when the visas of this batch of graduates who graduate in June/July are due to be renewed, many students are studying online in China. We found that many overseas students will ignore: if you want to apply for 485 after graduation, if you want to take online courses abroad, Please be sure to hold the student visa during the study period. If you fail to hold a student visa in time when you are studying abroad, it may lead to the following serious consequences:

a) The absence of a student visa for a certain period of time in the course or the last semester of the course will result in this period of study being excluded from the two-year study in Australia, making Australia less than 16 months of study, thus not satisfying the two-year study in Australia (Australian Study Requirement), resulting in the rejection of the 485 visa application.

b) If there is no visa in the last semester of the course, the last semester of the course will be excluded from studying in Australia

c) Failure to meet the Australian Study Requirement requirements may also affect the 5 points bonus for skilled immigrants.

Students who have recently graduated or are about to graduate and are taking online courses abroad quickly self-check themselves. Those who can apply in time must renew their visas in time, and renew their visas as early as possible. If you have already graduated, we suggest that you should apply for 485 or apply for 485. During the epidemic, the Immigration Bureau will process various visas relatively loosely. We believe that even if there is no visa during part of the study period, the Immigration Bureau may be able to open an online application.

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