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1. The Minister of Finance said that he would increase immigration quotas? ! Actually...

An exclusive report from The Australian this week stated that Australia will gradually increase its permanent migration quota to 160,000. The upcoming mid-fiscal year budget update estimates that the number of net overseas immigrants in the next two years will be 120,000 higher than expected. Then he said that the increase in permanent immigration includes about 200,000 places for students, tourists and skilled workers returning to Australia to solve the problem of skills shortages.


But, wait, first, the immigration quota for last fiscal year and this fiscal year was 160,000, and the actual distribution in the last fiscal year was a little bit higher. How could it be said that it gradually returned to 160,000. Second, go back to the original text. Except that the first sentence refers to the permanent immigration quota ("The Morrison government will steadily increase permanent migration back to about 160,000 a year to..."), the rest of the article refers to a wide range of Immigration in the definition (that is, includes all kinds of temporary visas that can stay in Australia for at least 12 months). "Increase in permanent migration includes about 200,000 places for students, tourists and skilled workers to return to Australia" (increase in permanent migration includes about 200,000 places for students, tourists and skilled workers to return to...), the number of 200,000 last time It appeared when the first official announcement was that multiple types of temporary visas were allowed to enter the country. The Minister of Internal Affairs said that after December 1st, it is expected that 200,000 people will be welcomed back one after another, so it is mainly temporary visas, and the references are not consistent.

Then there will be other content of the 22-23 fiscal year budget announced on March 29 next year, which has already begun to be formulated, which will focus on continued economic rebound, job creation, lower unemployment, and balance sheet repair.

Therefore, the actual meaning of the finance minister is to stimulate the economy through the return or increase of temporary visas. I don't know if the reporter made a mistake or the finance minister deliberately confuses the audience.

2. Summary of immigration policy on the first day of opening!

1. Check the validity period of the visa and whether it is within the scope of exemption (currently, the scope of temporary visa exemption is very large. Common eligible visas include: 500 student visa, 485 work permit, 462 working holiday visa, 482 employer sponsored visa, 489/491 Skilled immigration visas for remote areas, 300 visas for married couples, 590 visas for accompanying students, 870 temporary visas for parents, etc.)

2. Inoculate TGA-approved vaccines and prepare vaccination reports (only two types are vaccinated in China and approved by TGA: China Kexing and Beijing Sinopharm).

3. Nucleic acid test within 72 hours before boarding

4. Australia Travel Declaration (ATD)

5. Understand the state's immigration policy

Before the new changes,

Passengers who have been fully vaccinated are arriving

There is no need to isolate after NSW, Victoria and ACT territory.

The situation now has some adjustments.


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