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1. The Immigration Bureau updates the progress of visa processing in the first month of this fiscal year

This Friday, the Immigration Bureau announced the reference progress of visa processing in the first month of the new fiscal year. In the 21-22 fiscal year, most skilled immigration processing has slowed down, and it may also be affected by lockdowns in many major cities.

189 points system

75% in 17 months, 1 month slower than the last update; 90% in 28 months or less, keep

190 state guarantee

75% within 4 months or less, speed up for 8 months; 90% within 15 months or less, speed up for 3 months

491 State Dan in remote areas

For state government guarantees, 75% are within 11 months or less, and the deceleration is 1 month; 90% are within 14 months or less, and the deceleration is 1 month

For relative guarantees, 75% are within 9 months; 90% are within 11 months, and all are decelerated by 1 month

408 short-term activity visa

During the epidemic, 75% of the branches of government-approved activities that have been specially developed are within 5 months or less, and the deceleration is 1 month; 90% are within 7 months or less, and the deceleration is 2 months.

407 training visa

75% in April or within, accelerated for 3 months; 90% in 11 months or within, maintained.

482 employer guarantee

482 nominations: 75% takes 71 days, 90% takes 6 months

482S-T: 75% takes 49 days, 90% takes 5 months

482M-T: 75% need 4 months, 90% need 8 months

2. EA can be used as the nominee for GTI, and the valid period of CPA job evaluation will be extended to 3 years

The CPA confirms that the validity period of accounting and auditing-related career assessments has been extended to 3 years, 3 years from the date when the results are obtained. Previously, it was valid for 2 years from the date of submission. Applies to all previously submitted assessments that are under trial or have obtained results.

Engineering career assessment agency EA officially announced this week that it can serve as a nominee for GTI applicants. EA can be a nomination agency for high-skilled engineering professionals in the ten major fields of GTI. You need to submit an application and then pass their review. Applicants:

--Need to self-evaluate first

--Then submit the application: fill in the relevant application form and upload the relevant supporting materials; pay the application fee

--Then evaluation and nomination: If the application is successful, you will get a recommendation letter and 1000 form, and then submit the GTI EOI by yourself.

When applying to EA, you also need to show your achievements and contributions. You need to have:

1.Degree certificate

2. A statement (500-1000 words) to explain the applicant's outstanding talents in the engineering field, achievements, and contributions that will be brought to Australia

3. Proof materials: media reports; published articles, patents, awards, certificates, letters of recommendation, organizational chart, project plans, booth presentations, investor recommendations, special speeches, professional qualification certificates, etc.

4. URL verification of supporting documents

3. New categories of immigration exemption. Starting from 8.25, BPAY payment cannot be used temporarily

This week the Immigration Bureau announced that holders of 300 visas for married couples are listed as exempted from entering the country. They currently hold 300 visas abroad, and this 300 visa is submitted at least one year before the exemption application is submitted, you can apply for exemption. Entry. That is, this 300 visa needs to be submitted on 2020.8.18 or earlier, and the visa has been signed, you can apply for entry exemption on 2021.8.18 and later.

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