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1. South Australia announced the state guarantee policy for the new fiscal year, and some occupations are open to overseas applications

Last Wednesday, South Australia announced the state responsibility policy for this fiscal year in advance, and the formal application opening will be at 8 am on 7.20. South Australia has 2600 quotas for 491 and 190 each in this fiscal year. Four channels are opened. The first three are for domestic applicants. They are talent innovation projects, channels for working in South Australia, and channels for local graduates in South Australia. This channel is currently a channel for overseas applicants that is basically not available in other states.

Talent innovation projects are still the top priority. A new stream has been added, including Employment stream, High-skilled in-service applicants stream, Outer Regional South Australia workforce stream, South Australia remote employment applicants, Start up and small business stream, South Australia entrepreneurial small business, High Performing graduate stream South Australia outstanding graduates-refer to specific requirements to be exempt from work experience, Independent talent stream South Australia outstanding comprehensive background applicants

Then there is the category of long-term residence in South Australia. If you are a local graduate or their spouse, you are required to live for three years-any Skill level 1-3 or Carers and Aids occupation work in the past 12 months/working in these occupations but 12 months Can be accumulated in the past three years, 40hs every biweekly. If you are a non-local graduate short-term visa holder, you need to have any job in skill level 1-3 or Carers and Aids in the past 12 months

There are still channels for local graduates in South Australia. The requirements for their work experience after graduation are:

1. At least 20 hours a week, if it is more than 35 hours a week, priority will be given to 190. It is usually sufficient to require the first two of the relevant Anzsco to be the same. Individual nominated occupations require different jobs in the same industry to be considered and applied. Similar for the fiscal year, you need to see the specific requirements of the nominated occupation

2. It is necessary to find relevant work experience for at least 3 months (491 or 190). It depends on the specific requirements of the nominated occupation. Individual occupations may require more than one year.

If you are in the following occupations, you have the opportunity to be exempt from work experience:

-Apply to pass the South Australia Innovative Talent Channel

-Excellent graduates from South Australia, such as research masters or doctors and applicants with high GPA scores, etc.

-Applicant or spouse lives in South Australia for a long time and has a skilled job for more than 12 months

For overseas applicants, some skilled workers and medical and health majors can apply overseas. Although the specific requirements for different occupations are not exactly the same, the requirements are not low and most of them need to be nominated for at least 5 years in the past 8 years. Highly relevant Some have relatively high EOI score requirements, as well as language requirements of four 8 for IELTS.

2. One year master + One year GD, confirmed that you can apply for a 485 work permit for 2 years

This week, we verified from the official website of the Immigration Bureau that Graduate Diploma can be used to apply for PSW, which means that one year of Master + one year of GD, and two years of 485PSW. The same is true for one year of Master and then one year of Graduate Diploma. Of course, GD with longer course time is also possible.

In fact, after the Immigration Bureau changed the relevant legislation after September 19, 2020, we discovered this "loophole". In the old law, the qualification used to satisfy the two-year study must be Bachelor/Master or PhD, while the new law Here, as long as the applicant satisfies the two-year study, the requirement of "The applicant satisfied the Australian study requirement" can be met.

It is now confirmed by the official website of the Immigration Bureau that the 1-year Graduate Diploma+1-year Master’s study status can meet the requirements for applying for 2-year 485. However, the 1-year Master+1-year Diploma cannot meet the requirements, and the 1-year Master+1-year Trade Qualification (such as Certificate 3 in Commercial Cookery) cannot meet the requirements.

3. Canberra sends out Matrix invitation again, and many professions are invited

On July 14th, Canberra issued the second round of matrix invitations for this fiscal year. 128 491 applications were issued in the general application category, and 190 were not issued in this round. The matrix scores of 491 for some common occupations are as follows:

Cafe and Restaurant Manage: Minimum score of 75

Accounting and auditing: the minimum is 100 points

Civil engineering: minimum 65 points

ICT2613/2611/2631/2632: the minimum is 65 points

Chef and chef: the minimum is 65 points

Architectural, Building and Surveying Technicians: Minimum score of 75

4. Western Australia is expected to issue an invitation next week, Southern Inland in NSW will open applications soon, and Tasmania will start the trial

Last week, Western Australia updated its state policy. This fiscal year, Western Australia has added new schedule 2 requirements and lists under the General stream. It is aimed at applicants in Australia, which has given many students hope. Western Australia has a total of 1,100 190 and 340 491 quotas this fiscal year,

General stream-Schedule 2

In addition to the general federal skilled immigration requirements,

--There is a full-time job offer in Western Australia, with a duration of at least 12 months (full-time is defined as working at least 35 hours a week and can be pieced together with two contracts), nominated occupation or closely related occupations when necessary Independent contractor and self-employment do not meet the requirements, sole trader can consider it as appropriate

--The applicant currently lives in Australia and is not restricted by s48 Bar

--If you are an ANZSCO Group 1 (Managers) or Group 2 (Professionals) occupation, you need to reach 4 IELTS 7 levels, and other occupations need to reach 4 6 levels (the same PTE is also possible)

-Many applications can be applied, and most of them are 190 and 491.

Some common occupations are

221111 Accountant (General) 190&491

233211 Civil Engineer 190&491

351411Cook 190&491

233311 Electrical Engineer 190&491

262112 ICT Security Specialist 190&491

233512 Mechanical Engineer190&491

272511 Social Worker 190&491

261313 Software Engineer 190&491

This Friday we received an email confirmation from the WA government that the invitation for July in the new fiscal year has not been issued yet, and the invitation is expected to be issued next week. The principle of invitation issuance is based on the score. After receiving the pre-invitation, it takes 28 days to submit the materials that meet the requirements to the state government.

NSW Southern Inland

Remote areas also updated news this week: It is expected that applications for 491 in this fiscal year will be opened soon! Although the time has not yet been determined. Requirements and occupations will be updated at that time! There are 2800 491 states in NSW this fiscal year to share the quota! Hope to open more channels and don't waste places! Each remote RDA in NSW will have its own list of occupations. The 190 is unified across the state. The NSW 190 list has not been updated this fiscal year, but it is also coming soon.

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