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1. The visa processing speed was updated in April

This week the Immigration Bureau updated the visa processing speed data for the new month as usual. It is still reminding that the signing speed refers to the 75% and 90% waiting time of the applications signed in the category in that month. We still look at the popular Category:

189 points system

75% in 17 months, 5 months slower than the last update; 90% in 25 months or less, 7 months slower

190 state guarantee

75% within 13 months or within, deceleration for 1 month; 90% within 16 months or within, deceleration for 2 months

In the past few weeks, 190 and 189 have been signed in turn, or are mainly concentrated in the popular accounting, computer and engineering or other urgently needed majors. Most of the applicants are waiting in the country, but some of them are secondary applications. Offshore. The waiting time is longer (slower) than before, combined with the fact that in recent weeks, we have seen that there have been early submissions in early 2020, which means that these two categories have recently been clearing the "old backlog", which is suitable for those who have been waiting for a longer time.

491 State nomination in remote areas

State government guarantees, 75% within 9 months or less, decelerating for 1 month; 90% within 12 months or less, maintaining

For relative guarantees, 75% within 8 months or more, accelerated by 3 months; 90% within 10 months, decelerated by 2 months

Compared with 190 and 189, 491, there have been no signings. The signings are for individual occupations that are in short supply. Many of the submissions in early 2020 are still waiting...maybe from the total number of backlogs, the Immigration Bureau I think 491 is relatively less than 189/190.

408 short-term visa

During the epidemic, 75% of the branches of government-approved activities specially developed by the government were accelerated within 4 months or within 1 month; 90% were maintained within 6 months or within. Recently, we have seen that the trial of 408 has been speeded up, and the signing can be made in about 2 months. Remind again that the 408 epidemic branch has added tourism and service industries to apply. For coffee shops, restaurants, and take-out services, it includes our common fast food restaurants (McDonald’s, KFC, Hunger Jacks, etc.), usually in the Food Court in the Shopping Mall, It also includes mobile dining carts, milk tea shops, etc. All of these practitioners can apply without the application fee, and they can apply within 90 days before the current visa expires and 28 days after it expires.

2. Victoria issued the last round of ROI this fiscal year

In Victoria’s final round of ROI pre-invitation, we have nursing, social work and related majors, specifically:

Submit ROI on April 9, 2021, and be invited by Victoria 190 on May 21, 2021 (Social Worker-272511, 75+5)

Submit ROI on May 10, 2021, and be invited by Victoria 190 on May 21, 2021 (Registered Nurse (Mental Health)-254422, 80+5)

Submit ROI on May 6, 2021, and be invited by Victoria 190 on May 21, 2021 (Registered Nurse (Aged Care)-254412, 70+5)

Submit ROI on May 4, 2021, and be invited by Victoria 190 on May 21, 2021 (ICT Business Analyst-261111, 90+5)

Since it is the last round of this fiscal year, ROIs that have not yet been invited in the pool will receive a "rejected" message from the system and need to submit a new ROI in July of the new fiscal year (this fiscal year ROI) It is free to submit, and if you are not invited this round, you can continue to stay in the pool). The state government will soon make systematic adjustments to reflect the specific status of each ROI in the portal.

Victoria previously announced the latest state data as of 4.31 (the latest state data has not been announced as of the end of May)

190 applications received 6421 ROI applications and 1326 formal nominations were issued

For 491, 1,056 ROI applications were received and 269 formal nominations were issued

In the remaining two months of the fiscal year, Victoria still has 1,174 190 and 774 491 formal nomination quotas that are useless. There is a high probability that Victoria’s state quotas this fiscal year have not been used up.

3. Tasmania's quota and trial status update, Canberra continues to "weekly issue"

 Tasmania held an online presentation this week to introduce the latest situation of the state's trial. I have to say that Tasmania has made great progress this year with regard to open and transparent information.

491 remaining quota of 525, more than 1,400 applications are still waiting for the result

190 remaining quota of 326, more than 290 applications are still waiting for the result

The deadline for submitting new applications is still at 5 pm on June 11, 2021, because there will be time for the state government to process, and all application plans will end on June 30. 190 will still try its best to complete the processing. If the application has not been approved on June 30, the application will be closed and the application fee will be refunded. 491 Try to process the most applications.

If it has been rejected this fiscal year and the situation has not changed much, the state government’s attitude is still “new applications can be submitted, but the results are likely to be the same.” Therefore, students whose visas will expire for a period of time are still Increase competitiveness.

This week, the Canberra Matrix invitation arrived late. 43 190matrix invitations and 70 491matrix invitations were sent. The scores of invitations for some professions:

Cafe and Restaurant Manager 190 minimum 95 points

Accounting 491 is invited with a minimum of 100 points, and 190 with a minimum of 110 points

Audit 491 is invited with a minimum of 100 points, and 190 with a minimum of 110 points

Marketing Specialist 190 Minimum invited 85 points

2339 Other Engineering professionals 190 minimum 70 points

2332 Civil Engineering professionals 491 minimum of 55 points, 190 minimum of 70 points

2611/2613/2621/2631491 Most invited are 50 points, 190 minimum 70 points

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