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1.22 new occupations have been added to the PMSOL list, accounting/ICT/engineering is good!

This week, skilled immigrants ushered in the new fiscal year's heavy benefits. PMSOL's list of shortage occupations will significantly increase 22 occupations, all of which are common and popular immigration occupations. Although the original intention of PMSOL was to only be used for employer guarantees, in the subsequent actual use, we found that in addition to employer guarantees, in visa processing, exemption from entry, state guarantee list setting, and state guarantee review, all occupations on the list are in short supply. More or less advantages can be said to be a comprehensive priority. The specific 22 occupations added are:

Accountant (general) (22111)

Accountant (Taxation) (221113)

Accountant (Management) (221112)

External auditor (221213)

Internal auditor (221214)

Electrical engineer (233311)

Civil Engineer (233211)

Structural Engineer (233214)

Geotechnical Engineer (233212)

Transportation Engineer (233215)

Mining Engineer (233611)

Petroleum Engineer (233612)

Surveyor (232212)

Cartographer (232213)

Other space scientists (232214)

Medical laboratory scientist (234611)

Orthopedics/Prosthetics (251912)

Multimedia Expert (261211)

Analyst Programmer (261311)

Software and Application Programmer (261399)

Information and communication technology security expert (262112)

Chef (351311)

This news is indeed very good news for many accounting students and other majors. It’s really been a long time since I saw any good news about accounting! Of course, the most important thing we need to see is the specific next fiscal year, the immigration bureau, and each state, whether there will be corresponding supporting policies to support these professional immigration applicants, such as increasing the number of invitations for these majors by 189, such as the state expanding state guarantees List of invited occupations, etc.

2. In the new fiscal year, most visa fees will increase by 1.75%, and AAT and naturalization application fees will increase significantly

As the new fiscal year approaches, the Immigration Bureau has increased visa fees. Except for the last fiscal year due to the epidemic, the annual increase in visa fees is a common practice. This year, most visa categories have been increased by 1.75%, and investment immigration (except 188E) has been increased. This is an increase of 13.095%. After the price increase, the main application fees for some common visa categories are as follows:

189 independent skilled immigrants are now $4045, and $4115 in the new fiscal year

The 190/491 category is now $4045, and $4115  in the new fiscal year

820/309 spouse immigration is $7715, the new fiscal year is $7850 

500 student visa is now $620 , and the new fiscal year is $630 

485 visa is now $1650, the new fiscal year is $1680 

It may be prepared in advance for the increase in the visa fee for the fiscal year. The Immigration Bureau has suspended BPAY. If payment is made through a credit card, there is still an additional fee of 1.4%. If everyone wants to lock in the price in the new fiscal year, hurry up in the last few days. The date of implementation of the new price is July 1st.

In addition, the price increase is even more exaggerated is the AAT appeal fee and the naturalization application fee. The AAT application fee has increased from 2021.6.26 to 3000 Australian dollars, which was 1764 before, which is an increase of 70%! Although the naturalization application fee was not high (285 Australian dollars), this time the increase has reached 72%. Starting from 7.1, the fee will rise to 490 Australian dollars.

3. ACT will have 600 more quotas in the new fiscal year, and South Australia will restart on 7.19

The Canberra state government took the lead this week to announce the nomination quota for the next fiscal year of 2021-22. The state government has previously stated that it is striving for 2,000 quotas. This week, the official announced that they have received it. It is also the first of all states to announce the quota. of. The total quota has been increased from 1,400 in this fiscal year to 2,000, of which 491 points to 1,400, and 190 points to 600. This distribution is also as stated by the state government before, and the state’s focus will gradually shift to 491.

At the same time, Canberra also announced that the 491 and 190 state nomination quotas for the 20-21 fiscal year have been exhausted. The Matrix invitation and formal nomination process will not restart until the 7.1 fiscal year.

The state of South Australia also announced the temporary closure. It will be closed from midnight on 21.6.28. The completed applications that have been received by the system will continue to be processed. If the submission is not officially completed, it will be automatically deleted. There is no need to wait long for the start of the new fiscal year. Investment and skilled migration in South Australia will be restarted on 7.19, and relevant information will be updated on the official website before the opening.

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