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1. Starting from December 1, holders of temporary visas outside Australia will be able to return directly to Australia without exemption.

This information came too suddenly. Finally, after waiting for nearly two years, the Australian government will begin conditional opening to overseas visa holders on December 1.

Applicants who hold the following visas and have completed two-dose injections of compliant vaccines can not apply for exemption from entry.

From today's information, except for tourist visas, basically most visa holders are exempted from applying for entry.

Entry instructions:

1. Entry applicants need to complete two doses of compliant vaccine registration (TGA registered vaccine brand manufacturers: including China Xingke Vaccine). If the applicant is unable to register for a vaccine due to health reasons, he can provide a health certificate and apply for a vaccine-free registration Exempt.

2. Nucleic acid testing needs to be completed within 72 hours before entry

3. Entry still needs to complete the quarantine as required by the state governments. At present, tourists entering from NSW, Victoria and Canberra do not need to be quarantined. Tourists entering from other states should check the isolation requirements on their own.

2. 189 October Round Official Newspaper Mechanical Engineering was invited!

The 189EOI invitation was issued on October 29. The Immigration Bureau issued an official report this week. This time it was very fast. Both 189 and 491 relatives have 200 invitations. Among the traditional eight popular majors, only 2335 mechanical engineering scored 90 points. When it comes to the invitation, DOE is in November 2020, and the minimum score for other majors is 80. Among our customers' data, chemical engineering majors have been invited.

At the same time, the skillselect team also updated the number of official nominations issued by states 190 and 491 as of the end of October 2021.

This week the Immigration Bureau also updated the visa processing speed for October 2021. The statistics from the signed applications are as follows:

189 scoring system: 75% in 20 months, 3 months slower than the last update; 90% in 31 months or less, keep

190 state guarantee: 75% within 5 months or less, maintain; 90% within 10 months or within, almost 10 months

491 In the remote area state-state government guarantee category, 75% are within 6 months or less, which is 1 month slower; 90% are within 16 months or less, which is 5 months slower

407 training visa: 75% within 6 months or less; 90% within 9 months or less, with a greater speedup

408 short-term activity visa-a branch of government-recognized activities specially developed by the epidemic: 75% within 78 days or within, accelerated by 1 month; 90% within 3 months or within, accelerated by 3 months, and the latest 408 trial is faster

482 employer guarantee category-nominated: 75% need 6 months, 90% need 9 months

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