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1. NSW 491 will be invited immediately, investment immigration will be opened soon, and the requirements will be raised

The NSW State Government revealed that thousands of 491 applications have been received in the first round, and the invitation will be issued between September 1 and September 7.

1. It is clearly stated that if you are not invited after each round, you need to re-submit. The follow-up invitation cycle is October, and January and March next year.

2. 491 Different regions have different job shortage needs. Some Stream 1 may even apply for only 3 months of work and residence (the original requirement is 12 months), depending on the degree of shortage.

3. NSW 190 and 491 can apply at the same time without conflict. There is no news of the 190 release yet. As always, the NSW government will not notify in advance, hoping to usher in a surprise as soon as possible.

4. Remind NSW that there is little demand for accounting. The government officially recommends that accounting students with a score of less than 100 should not report hope.

5. NSW 190 will issue invitations based on the current needs of the epidemic to occupations in key industries (medical, etc.)

This week, NSW investment immigration also announced the policy for the new fiscal year. The official opening of applications will be on September 21, 2021, briefly introducing the changes in 188A:

Personal requirements for applicants:

-Age below 50 years old; -Bachelor degree or higher, or

-3 years of business experience related to the field of intention in NSW in the past 10 years,

-5 years of non-commercial experience in the past 10 years, no need to be related to the NSW intended field;

-The EOI score must meet at least 65 points

*Applicants who gain 15 points through business experience or have additional points for corporate innovation qualifications will be prioritized

(Investment immigration also has an independent scoring table, please contact us for preliminary scoring for details)

Requirements for personal assets:

If you are investing in the Sydney area, you must have a total of A$1.75 million in personal and business net assets;

If you have a total of 1.25 million Australian dollars in personal and business net assets in other remote areas in NSW.

Turnover requirements:

-The share requirements are the same as the Immigration Bureau-In the past 4 years, at least 2 years, the company (up to 2 companies) annual turnover turnover needs to reach:

-Sydney area: 1.25 million Australian dollars / year-NSW remote areas: 750,000 Australian dollars / year

Businesses that have set up target industries/fields to apply for 188A (such as the catering industry) can also apply if they are not in the target field. However, it is expected that the turnover requirements of 888A will be higher if they invest in the Sydney area: advanced manufacturing/food and Beverage processing/agricultural technology/aerospace and defense/renewable energy and sustainability/new digital technology/network security/medical technology

2. VIC chefs and preschool education opportunities are here, the first round of official invitation data in August

Victoria announced this week that it has added a new immigration channel for workforce skills pathways, which is mainly open to occupations in the state with shortages of skills. First of all, it is determined that the two occupations that can be applied for are chefs and chefs. Then on Friday afternoon, preschool education was added again. 

In the fiscal year, the state of Victoria will be more transparent in issuing the state government. The state government strives to share the latest review information with everyone in real time. This week, it announced the official summary of the first round of invitation information in August:

1. A total of 170 ROI invitations were issued to six sectors. This round was not issued to the digital sector. Although the medical industry still had the most applications and invitations, 62% of the invitations were issued to non-medical industries.

2. The scores of the basic invitations for each sector are 90-95 points, but the note mentions that individual outstanding talents may score lower than this. For example, we understand that biotech applicants who do COVID test strips only have 65 points.

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