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1. Australia accelerates its preparations for opening its borders!

The Australian government announced this week that it plans to start a trial of international vaccine passports in October to prove the immunization status of immigrants overseas. Negotiations with other countries are under way to determine which vaccines will be recognized in the international travel bubble arrangement. Vaccine passports for international travel in Australia will definitely be in digital or paper format on mobile phones. AHPPC is also considering adjusting the isolation program, and different vaccinated groups have different isolation programs.

The Prime Minister said that home isolation is a key step in opening up the country's borders. Those returning to Australia who have been fully vaccinated can be isolated at home. In the future, they will strive to achieve scale. South Australia has begun trial sampling in August. A spokesperson for the Cabinet Minister said that more details of the Australian plan will be announced in the near future

2. NSW 190 launched multiple "new" occupations in this fiscal year; 491 also issued

Last Friday, I finally looked forward to the invitation of NSW 190. Compared with the previous fiscal year, it was mainly focused on IT and engineering. In the first round of this fiscal year, we saw many "new" occupations. This new performance will return to this fiscal year. NSW190 list, and I haven't seen the invited profession for a long time.

In NSW, where competition is fierce and involuntary, 190 is basically 90 points for all majors invited, except for very few majors that are extremely scarce. I haven't seen many ICT occupations this time. NSW usually has a monthly round. I hope I can see more good news in other majors in the next round!

On September 7, the last day of the deadline, NSW 491 issued the first round of invitations for the fiscal year. These batches were submitted in August. If they are not invited, they need to submit again in the next round of October. From the data we have collected, Stream1 and local graduates Stream2 who work and live locally are very generous, and Stream3 is a lot more "picky".

Stream 1: The most popular are accounting, IT and engineering who have been invited, as well as less popular teachers.

Stream 2: Many majors have been invited

Steam 3: Invitation information collected so far

(The EOI score has added 15 points for the state burden)

Food technologist EOI 70 points

QS EOI 80 points

ICT system Analyst EOI 110 points

Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers EOI 75 points

Registered nurse EOI 90 points

Software and application programmers EOI 75 points

Civil Engineering EOI 90 points

ICT business and system Analysts EOI 95 points

*Note: The above information is collected for reference only.

Focusing on Stream 3, it is basically equivalent to a channel with no threshold at present. For people in the country, there is no limit to the area. We often say that the ultra-low threshold is sometimes tantamount to hooliganism. It is difficult to figure out the rules of the invitation, and you can only guess and wait. Of course, NSW has this capital. The state government previously disclosed at the meeting that in the first round of opening, it had received thousands of applications for 491.

NSW's interpretation of 491Stream3 selection rules: The most suitable applicant will consider factors such as work experience, current job and residence, and it is recommended that it can be used as a Plan B. 

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