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2021 Apr 14

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  • Australia and New Zealand have reached an isolation-free interoperability, and other countries/regions are discussing!

As soon as the Easter holiday came back this week, the Prime Minister of New Zealand announced that the isolation-free intercommunication between Australia and New Zealand will be officially launched from 2021.4.19. The travel bubble applies to citizens, PR and TR in Australia, and New Zealand will Restart visa processing for people in Australia.

Temporary Australian visas, such as study permits, work permits, spouse visas, etc., can apply for a tourist visa to travel to New Zealand in Australia. As the first country to open its borders to Australia, Chinese passport holders can also apply for multiple visit visas within 5 years according to New Zealand’s special policies. This visa allows the visa holder to enter and exit New Zealand multiple times within five years, and the duration of each trip does not exceed 3 months.

To apply for a New Zealand travel visa, you need to meet the following elements: authenticity of the trip, financial strength, proof of close overseas relations, and travel plans.

In addition, if currently in Australia, students who have been invited but who have submitted their visas affected by the Sec48 bar may be able to adopt a curve to save the country through this Australia-New Zealand exchange.

  • Canberra will continue to issue weekly invitations, and Queensland will reopen applications soon

Canberra continues to issue matrix invitations. In this round, general applicants have issued 14 matrix invitations of 190 and 39 491:
Accounting: Minimum 105 points to get 491, 110 points to get 190
Civil engineering: minimum 60 points to get 491, 85 points to get 190
Marketing Specialist: Minimum 70 points to get 491, 85 points to get 190
ICT category 2611/2613/2621/2631/2632: the minimum score of 491 for those who have been invited is 60, and the minimum score of 190 for those who are invited is 85.
Chef: Minimum 60 points to get 491, 90 points to get 190
Registered nurse: minimum 70 points to get 491, 85 points to get 190
Accounting/ICT/Civil Engineering/Nurse/QS/Graphic Design/Social Work/Engineering Costs...The most popular and unpopular, Canberra is all invited! If you want to know the latest situation and requirements in the near future, or a specific evaluation, please contact the customer service below to evaluate your career in detail

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