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1. The University of Sydney is open for early admission in July 2021 (Special Admissions Process)

The University of Sydney is targeting students with pre-admission offers who are enrolled in July 2021. If your current score is two points higher than the original admission requirement, you can apply to the school for SAP/OSAP (conditional COE), lock your spot, and apply for the visa application in advance.

Onshore students (students in Australia): For students who are studying for the last semester of a bachelor's degree in Australia.

Offshore students (students outside Australia): Students who graduate in June 2021 and will receive a bachelor's degree from the People's Republic of China.
Deadline for application to participate in SAP and OSAP-no later than July 26, 2021 (Monday)

The deadline for submitting the final official documents (such as Chinese graduation certificate, degree certificate, transcript, or Australian undergraduate completion letter, transcript)-no later than August 6, 2021 (Friday). If the relevant materials cannot be provided before the deadline, the school has the right to cancel the admission qualification.

2. RMIT 2021 S2 Scholarship is open for application

RMIT opens S2 scholarship applications! As long as you are a freshman at RMIT and start school in the second half of this year, and your major is on the following list, you will have the opportunity to apply for the corresponding scholarship.

There are two types of scholarships:

  • Academic ExcellenceScholarships for Onshore $5000
  • STEM Merit Scholarships $10000

Application-specific requirements:

  • 2021 S2 admission applied in Australia
  • The average score reaches more than 70%
  • Diploma/undergraduate/taught master can apply

3. Newcastle University's latest tuition waiver

Due to the epidemic, Newcastle University will continue to expand its support for online learning students!

All courses! Both will enjoy a tuition reduction of up to 20%:

  • All undergraduate courses enjoy a 20% tuition waiver
  • 20% tuition fee reduction for master's programs (except for business masters)
  • 10% tuition waiver for Master of Business courses

No Pass, No Pay Policy!

Free re-repair of hanging subjects!

If international students take online classes in their own country, there is a chance to retake them for free after passing the course.

But the following conditions must be met:

  • Complete all Assignments and tests on time
  • Pay the full tuition fee
  • Retake the subject as soon as possible

Highlights of Immigration Weekly this week

1. NSW 491 expanded list, accounting/auditing/middle school teachers etc. are included
In April 1, NSW 491 ushered in two important adjustments. The first adjustment is to temporarily close the application channel of Stream 3.

Currently, applicants in out-of-state, overseas and overseas have no chance. The second adjustment is to greatly expand the list of occupations in multiple regions. Many popular occupations such as accounting, auditing, tax accounting, social work, middle school teachers, and early childhood education appear on the lists in many different regions.

NSW Stream 1 remote areas work and life categories continue to open
Need to have an occupation on the list, and have an occupation assessment for the nominated occupation, and need to have a nominated occupation in a remote area with highly relevant work for at least 12 months and at least 12 months of residence

NSW Stream 2 remote area graduate category continues to open. Need occupations on the list, and there is a career assessment for the nominated occupation.
Nominated career-related courses completed in remote areas of NSW in the past 24 months to obtain a degree, and the courses need to meet the Australian study requirements.
Live in a remote area of ​​NSW during the completion of the course.

2. Occupation list, we adjust the more popular areas for everyone to see:


Accounting, management accounting, tax accounting, auditing, architects, preschool teachers, middle school teachers, cooks and chefs, etc. have all entered the list.
Southern Inland(including Murray)

A lot of occupations were added to the list updated on April 1st, a full 4-page PDF, many common vocational middle school teachers, social workers, construction, various engineering and ICT, and many technical jobs.
Sydney (Greater Sydney area)
The Greater Sydney area is a designated remote area within Hawkesbury or Blue Mountains Local Government Areas.

The new additions are:
139912 Environmental Manager
141111 Café or Restaurant Manager
233212 Geotechnical Engineer
233311 Electrical Engineer
272511 Social Worker
322211 Sheetmetal Trades Worker
331111 Bricklayer
331211 Carpenter & Joiner
333411 Wall & Floor Tiler
334111 Plumber (General)
351311 Chef


The popular hunter area has newly added professions such as accounting, chef, chef, etc., as well as civil engineering, mining engineering, and many ICT categories can apply.


The latest occupation list and status, the more popular ones are Civil Engineering, Registered Nurse and Electrical Engineer, which are currently in Open state, and Mechanical Engineering is temporarily in suspended state.

3. The latest average waiting time of 189/190/491
The waiting time for 190/189/491 applicants with 189/190/491 people who are in or outside China is obtained from the Immigration Bureau as of January 31, 2021. Let’s take a look:
189 (including the New Zealand branch):
2549 people in 6-9 months
2618 people in 9-12 months
1049 people in 12-18 months
518 people in 18-24 months
189 (including the New Zealand branch) outside:
205 people in 6-9 months
473 people in 9-12 months
410 people in 12-18 months
795 people in 18-24 months
Within 190:
1673 people in 6-9 months
1477 people in 9-12 months
1661 people in 12-18 months
420 people in 18-24 months
190 Overseas:
792 people in 6-9 months
1381 people in 9-12 months
2269 people in 12-18 months
719 people from 18-24 months
Within 491:
2013 people in 6-9 months
832 people in 9-12 months
32 people in 12-18 months
491 Overseas:
1216 people in 6-9 months
1543 people in 9-12 months
52 people in 12-18 months

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