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1. Newcastle University Scholarship + Tuition Reduction + Free Retake!

Newcastle University is located in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. It is ranked 12th in Australia and 197th in the global world university rankings in 2022. It is one of the top 200 universities in the world. Studying during the epidemic is very difficult for many international students. Many schools provide various benefits during the epidemic, and Newcastle University has introduced tuition reduction and "no pass no pay" policies, and also prepares for international students Various forms of scholarships.

Outstanding International Student Scholarship

The scholarship is provided to international students applying for undergraduate courses. The school will refer to the student’s college entrance examination scores and the college entrance examination scores standards of each province. There is no limit on the number of places for the scholarship. As long as the international students meet the requirements, they will be awarded up to 20,000 Australian dollars. Scholarship.

Newcastle own school advancement scholarship

For freshmen who enter Newcastle University through Newcastle International College, applicants for some majors who have successfully entered can have the opportunity to apply for a 10% tuition waiver.

Online learning tuition reduction policy

Freshmen who are unable to study in Australia due to border closures can enjoy tuition waivers for online learning at home. This policy is designed to support freshmen who cannot enter Australia due to various travel restrictions and can not enter Australia to start school and participate in face-to-face classes. The university offers up to 20% reduction in tuition fees for selected courses for new students who are about to start. Freshmen who choose business-taught postgraduate courses can receive a 10% tuition reduction. Please note: This tuition reduction plan cannot be used simultaneously with other university scholarships.

No pass No pay policy continuation

The university will continue to postpone the implementation of the “NoPass, No Pay” policy for 2020 COVID-19. Because the online course students fail the first time, they will have the opportunity to retake it for free without additional fees. The policy needs to meet the following conditions:

a. Complete all course requirements on time during the course, complete homework on time, and take the final exam on time

b. Course tuition is paid in full on time

c. Need to be retaken in the next semester of the course

2. New South Wales Global offers tuition reductions and scholarships for international students

From July 1, 2021, all students who accept the 2021 University of New South Wales Preparatory Course Admission Letter within 4 weeks of the admission notice date will be eligible for a tuition waiver of AU$2500. Together with the scholarship of up to 7500 Australian dollars, students can save up to 10,000 Australian dollars! The early admission letter is only applicable to freshmen who have accepted the admission letter for the University of New South Wales preparatory course starting in 2021.

3. Temporary visa holders can apply for subsidies from the Australian Red Cross

For temporary visa holders in Australia who need to stay at home due to lockdown, including student visas and temporary work visas, they can apply for relief subsidies from the Australian Red Cross. The subsidy is a one-time subsidy, the amount of subsidy is about $200-$400

To apply for this subsidy, the following requirements must be met:

--Non-Australian citizens or permanent residents

--Need emergency assistance (including medical treatment, living or food shortage, etc.)

-Unable-Obtain government subsidies from the federal government and state governments

--Other low-income people who have no savings or income, and no other support

The application needs to upload the following materials:

--Current Australian visa

--Proof of bank turnover in the past month

Students who need to apply can go to the official website of the Australian Red Cross to apply:

4. The Victorian government provides scholarships for international students to Deakin University

The Victorian Government provides scholarships of up to $2500 for international students who complete a language course or a diploma course at Deakin University College and enter the main course. The number of scholarships is limited and will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis. In addition, scholarships will be issued to students in a one-off manner after the student's main course starts.

Applicants need to meet the following conditions:

--international student

--Successfully complete the diploma/language course and enter the main course before Trimester 3 in 2022

If the applicant’s language course tuition fee is less than $2500, the scholarship value will be equal to the course tuition fee

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