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One-year postgraduate student at the University of Sydney

More and more students hope to graduate from prestigious schools as soon as possible and start working.

It is recommended to everyone who can study for a one-year master's degree program in a prestigious school without any undergraduate background requirements.


Master of Business Law – Master of Business Law – 1year

Admission requirements:

The University of Sydney or other Australian universities, with an average score of 65 in any undergraduate course.


Bachelor's degree + 2+ years of relevant work experience

No relevant background requirements are required.


The course combines law and business studies. Courses include tax law, contract transactions, international trade law, financial transaction laws and regulations, and more.

Students who are interested in this, don't miss this one-year course.

 The New Zealand border will gradually open from the end of February!

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden announced this week that vaccinated New Zealand citizens living in Australia can enter New Zealand without hotel quarantine at 11.59pm on February 27.

This is the first of five phases to gradually open the borders.


The second stage is March 13 after 2 weeks

The following fully vaccinated travellers can enter New Zealand from any country and territory and only need to self-isolate upon arrival.


Passengers include:

- New Zealand citizens and residents

- Passengers eligible for entry under the existing border policy

- Skilled workers, earning at least 1.5 times the median

- Passengers participating in working holiday programs

- Partners/children of New Zealand citizens and residents, as long as visa and vaccine requirements are met. Family members do not need to travel to New Zealand at the same time.


Phase 3 starts on April 12

The following fully vaccinated travellers can enter New Zealand from any country and only need to self-isolate on arrival:

- Overseas people who still hold a valid temporary visa

- Up to 5000 international students attending the second semester


Phase 4 and Phase 5 begin in July and October respectively

In the fourth stage, passengers from Australia (including temporary visas such as international students) can enter New Zealand. Some visa-exempt travelers and employer-employer category travelers can also enter.


At stage 5, all visa categories will be able to enter New Zealand.


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