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1. Some majors admitted to the University of Sydney in July 2021 have been closed!

The University of Sydney’s Master of Economics, Master of Media Practice and related GD and GC majors, which started in July 2021, have closed applications.

The two majors of Master of Commerce and Master of Commerce extension are also tightly occupied and close to full. The full offer unconditional admission notice will be issued based on the best ones. Students who meet the conditions please accept the offer as soon as possible.

2. The RMIT preparatory course is open for application in September (with 20% scholarship)

RMIT will open applications for preparatory courses and corresponding scholarships in September this year! As long as you are a freshman at RMIT and want to apply for preparatory admission in September this year, you will have the opportunity to apply for the corresponding scholarship!

Scholarship content:

-20% pre-university fee reduction (2 semesters)

-An additional one-time scholarship of 5,000 dollars, if you have packaged a main course offer for the second half of next year

Application requirements: You only need to enroll in the preparatory course of RMIT in September this year! Eligible students, please don't forget to apply!

3. Commonwealth has approved! The pilot isolation site in South Australia is approved!

The Chief Health Officer of South Australia approved the proposal for the isolation facility in May, and it has been pending since it was submitted to the federal government. Today, the federal government finally signed the agreement.

According to the plan, South Australia will bring back 160 students at one time, enter Adelaide, and be quarantined at Flight Training Adelaide at Parafield Airport. This is a flight training school in Adelaide with student accommodation. The "preferred space" that meets the requirements of isolation and health standards, and the environment is as follows:

Students will be quarantined here for a period of 14 days. During the quarantine period, they will be tested every day. As for which countries can participate in the plan, Australia also needs to make a final decision after conducting a risk assessment based on the epidemic control situation.

If the plan goes well, South Australian students can return to Australia as early as September, and some final details have yet to be finalized.

4. The 14 participating universities in NSW/ACT are confirmed!

Recently, ACCC approved the university’s application for cooperation, and will cooperate with 14 universities to establish a safe corridor for international students to return to Australia to help international students return to universities in NSW and Canberra," including joint arrangements for flights and charter flights.

At the same time that the isolation facility in South Australia was approved, relevant sources said that the NSW plan would also be passed very soon.

At the same time, the list of the 14 universities participating in the pilot program was also announced. They are:

--Australian Catholic University

--Australian National University

--Charles Sturt University

--Southern Cross University

--Macquarie University

--University of Canberra

--Newcastle University

--University of New England

--University of New South Wales

--University of Notre Dame, Australia

--University of Sydney

--University of Technology Sydney

--Western Sydney University

--University of Wollongong

The part of "eligible students" includes what we said earlier that face-to-face teaching is required for majors, which will be given priority. The specific school will contact students who meet the requirements by email.

At the same time, the UTS official website recently revealed that of the 250 students picked up every two weeks, 13% are UTS students, or about 33.

The Fair Work Commission of Australia announced today that starting July 1, the minimum wage and related incentives will be increased by 2.5% from the current hourly wage of A$19.84 to A$20.33. The minimum wage for full-time employees will be increased by A$18.8 per week. To 772.60 Australian dollars, some industries will be delayed.

Iain Ross, chairman of the Australian Fair Work Commission, said that due to the current multiple economic indicators exceeding expectations, the economic recovery is smooth, which is completely in line with the severe recession of the global new crown pneumonia pandemic when the minimum wage was raised by 1.75% last year. different.

At the same time, due to the severe impact of the epidemic in some industries, wage increases have been postponed. If the general retail industry is postponed to September 1, the minimum wage increase in the aviation, tourism, fitness, and hotel industries will be postponed to November 1 and take effect.

It is said that about 2.2 million employees have benefited from this increase in the minimum wage.

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