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1. The University of Tasmania provides up to 20% tuition waiver for overseas students

In the case of the epidemic, The University of Tasmania also provides new scholarship (COSS) support for the 2022 freshmen who are unable to enter the country due to the travel ban.

Students who want to apply for this program must meet:

1. Freshmen enrolled in 2022

2. The course must be one of the following CRICOS registered courses

-Bachelor degree study

-Honours Bachelor of Studies

-Graduate course degree study with a duration of no less than one year, which also includes GD and GC plus graduate course study

The school will automatically assess whether the student meets the application requirements when a student applies, and will reflect whether or not the scholarship has been awarded on the offer.

For specific information, please refer to

2. NSW finalizes to bring back 500 international students in early December

ABC reported that NSW will implement a pilot program to bring back 500 international students in December (2 planes, one with 250 students). The first to be brought back will be phd students, who are about to complete the course, as well as students studying medical and health related majors.

However, for the time being, this pilot program is only applicable to vaccines that have been vaccinated by the Australian drug regulatory agency TGA in full doses, that is, Pfizer, Modena, Johnson & Johnson or Oxford vaccines. Since the Sinopharm and Coxing vaccines vaccinated in mainland China have not been approved by the TGA (they should have never submitted relevant applications), this means that Chinese students will not be included in this earliest pilot program. It is expected that the main students will be students from India, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and other places.

The pilot plan adopted the form of chartered flights, and all returning international students were required to be quarantined for 14 days in the quarantine student apartment specially arranged by the government. The student pays the airfare by himself, and the school will bear the cost of isolation. The number of pilots will not be counted in the Cap for the number of international arrivals in NSW.

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