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1. 10% renewal fee exemption for overseas students

Here comes the good news!

After Australia has closed its doors for a long time, this school will provide a 10% tuition fee reduction and no threshold subsidy in consideration of the impact on the study plan of overseas students.

This school is the University of Canberra in the Australian capital.

From the second semester of 2021, the University of Canberra will provide a 10% discount on tuition fees for overseas students until the international border is reopened.

There are no requirements and restrictions-as long as you are an overseas student.

Even better, the 10% reduction in tuition fees can be added to existing scholarships. Even if you have already received any other scholarship offer from the University of Canberra, you can still get a 10% reduction in tuition fees without affecting the issuance of other scholarships.

According to the admission letter we received recently, the school will grant a 10% tuition reduction for students who live abroad until the border is reopened.

2. Epidemic subsidies available to international students

The Covid 19 Disaster subsidy has been introduced under the current ban on Sydney's lockdown.

Who can get it?

Australian resident or holding an eligible work visa

At least 17 years old

Did not receive income support payment, pandemic leave disaster payment or related subsidies from other state or territory governments during the same period.

Your place of work or residence is in a blocked area, or your movement is restricted due to the blockade.

You can have a job, but due to the blockade you cannot go to work during this period or after it is over.

You have lost income due to the lockdown and have no paid vacation.

Your current assets are less than 10,000 Australian dollars

So are international students eligible? The answer is yes, as long as the above conditions are met.

Since there are almost no centrelink accounts for international students, they can call centrelink 1802266, Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. The staff will help you apply.

Subsidy amount (due to the lockdown of the epidemic, it will temporarily reach No. 7.9)

Working hours over 20 hours can receive 500, and less than 20 hours can receive 325.

Then the international students should get 325.

Students who are eligible to apply can start to apply.

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