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1. Torrens University’s online MBA ranks 27th in the world and ranks as Tier One

In the selection of the world's authoritative magazine "CEO" in 2022, Torrance University has won the position of Tier One in the world! Online MBA ranks 27th in the world!

This is the third year in a row that Torrance University has been awarded the honor by CEO Magazine and is ranked alongside leading business schools in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Professor Alwyn Louw, Vice-Chancellor of Torrens University, said: “This is proof that Torrens University’s online MBA programme is still evolving during the pandemic. Now, people’s jobs and the world economy are changing rapidly. Any MBA must withstand Such a test."

2. Attention international students! Important dates for eight Australian universities, missed or fined

The school season is here, and the due date for tuition fees for Australian universities is approaching! The editor has specially sorted out the tuition deadlines of the [Australia Eighth], everyone must check it carefully~

University of Sydney

Deadline for payment: March 1


Deadline for payment: February 20

Australian National University

Deadline for payment: March 11

University of Melbourne

Deadline for one-off payment: February 15;

If you choose to pay in two instalments, The second deadline is March 31.

Monash University

Deadline for payment: February 25

Queensland university

Payment deadline: March 4

University of Western Australia

Payment deadline: March 10

University of Adelaide

Payment deadline: March 10


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