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1. The University of Queensland Academic Scholarship

The University of Queensland (The University of Queensland), referred to as UQ, is the world's higher research institution. Founded in 1910, it is the first comprehensive university in Queensland. It is also one of the six sandstone universities, a member of the Pacific Rim University Alliance, the Australian Eight Schools Alliance, UNIVERSITAS21 and the New Engineering Education International Alliance. It has scientific research achievements such as cervical cancer vaccine (HPV vaccine) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). QS World University is ranked in the world's top 50.

This world-renowned school now grants a number of academic scholarships for international students. The specific items are as follows:

The first scholarship

UQ International ExcellenceScholarship

This scholarship is suitable for outstanding international students who start school in 2022, and can reduce tuition fees by 25% each year for a maximum of 4 years.

Application conditions:

-International students who have received unconditional admission from the University of Queensland (their majors are within the following scope)

-Freshmen's major needs to be in the following areas: agriculture and environment, architecture, planning and design, art, humanities and social sciences, business and economics, education, engineering and computing, health and behavioral sciences, law, science and mathematics.

-Fulltime reading

-No other scholarships have been received.

-Achievement standards:

*Undergraduate and graduate students need to have a grade point higher than 6.75

*High school graduates must have an ATAR score or equivalent to 99.

No additional application is required for this scholarship, and students who meet the standards of merit will be automatically considered. Students who receive the scholarship will be notified by email.

Second scholarship

UQ International Onshore Merit Scholarship

This scholarship is for international students who have completed their most recent academic qualifications in Australia. They will start to study related majors at the University of Queensland in 2022. Those who meet the requirements will receive a scholarship of 10,000 Australian dollars, which will be issued in two semesters.

Application conditions:

-International students who have completed the most recent degree in Australia (for example, if you apply for a postgraduate course, your undergraduate course must be completed in Australia)

-Receive the full admission letter from the University of Queensland, and the major is within a specific range (consistent with the previous scholarship direction).

-Did not receive other scholarships

-The school will issue the award based on the student's academic excellence

The scholarship is automatically issued, and those who meet the qualifications will receive an email notification.

The application and deadlines for the two scholarships are the same:

The application start date is September 1, 2021

The application deadline is August 31, 2022

2. Newly opened postgraduate nursing students at Western Sydney University

Nursing has always been a popular major for studying abroad and immigration. The stable employment and immigration advantages make many international students want to study nursing courses.

For students who have completed the undergraduate degree, they often worry that they do not have a bachelor degree in nursing background and cannot apply for a master degree in nursing program. Then it is necessary to understand the newly opened postgraduate nursing course at Western Sydney University, which can be admitted without any nursing background.

-Course duration is 2 years-sem1 will start for the first time in 2022.

-Academic requirements-Complete a bachelor degree in any major, no nursing background required.

-English score requirements

IELTS requirements: IELTS 4 7s, you can fight twice within 6 months. Or PTE four 65 OET four B. (If English is the mother tongue or the main language is the right to be exempted from language requirements. More than 6 years of English education in national primary and secondary schools are recognized)

If you were previously studying in Bachelor of Nursing (graduate entry) at Western Sydney University, you will be upgraded to Master of nursing (graduate entry) next year, and your AQF level will be upgraded to Master level.

Students will also receive a scholarship of 3000 Australian dollars.

Become a nurse. Make a difference

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