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1. Scholarship in ANU

The Australian National University has prepared generous scholarships for international students enrolled in Semester 1 in the first semester of 2022, providing up to 170 places.

Scholarship value: 25% of the total tuition fee (3 years for undergraduates, 2 years for postgraduates)

The courses that start S1 2022 have the opportunity to get

However, only courses starting in S2 2022 or Doctor of Medicine and Surgery are not covered by the scholarship.

There are only 170 places for international students (international students include India, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries)

2. NSW and Victoria lifted the working hours restrictions for some international students

NSW and Victorian governments have lifted working hours restrictions for international students working in supermarkets to help staff who maintain supermarket operations during the lockdown.

Under normal circumstances, if international students work in Australia, there is a regulation that they can only work 40 hours every two weeks, but the May federal budget abolished the time limit for foreign students in the hotel and tourism industry to cope with labor shortages.

Immigration Minister Alex Hawke announced that supermarkets in states and territories affected by the lockdown will be able to hire international students unconditionally.

This rule applies to supermarkets and distribution centers in NSW and Victoria that are under lockdown.

Hawke said this temporary arrangement will help supermarkets cope with high demand for key commodities during the lockdown period.

"Supermarket employees are unsung heroes during the epidemic. They are still working hard in the darkest days of the epidemic so that Australians can buy essential goods.

This has further reduced the working time restrictions for international students.

3. The latest model of the University of Mexico: Will the NSW lockdown last until September?

According to the latest data model, the NSW lockdown may last until September to curb the number of confirmed diagnoses.

Based on the current lockdown in NSW and the current number of confirmed diagnoses, this value may be achieved on September 4. Considering the uncertainty, this model has been run 10,000 times.

The report shows that this data can be reached as early as August 26, and perhaps as late as September 16.

NSW tightened the restrictions on the epidemic on July 17, including telling people in Fairfield, Canterbury-Bankstown and Liverpool not to leave their districts unless essential work is required, while forcing some non-essential businesses to close.

The model shows that if the lockdown is maintained based on the state before the tightening policy, the number of confirmed cases will not decline until September 21.

This model was developed by the University of Mexico for the Victorian government’s lockdown last year and has been updated based on Sydney’s restrictions, population data and traffic conditions. At the same time, the greater spread of Delta virus is also taken into account.

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