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1. The University of Mexico officially announced that it will return to offline classes in 2023

Today, the official website of the University of Mexico has updated the teaching mode for 2023, confirming that starting from S1 in 2023, all undergraduate courses will be taught offline.

Graduate courses will still be conducted in 3 modes - offline, online, or both.

The specific course information will be announced on November 4, 2022. At that time, you can check whether your courses can accept online courses in time.

2. Under the skyrocketing inflation rate, tuition fees may increase or decrease next year

International students should breathe a sigh of relief under the double whammy of rising student loan interest rates and the rising cost of living in Australia, with most universities unlikely to raise fees next year at the pace of inflation.

In each of the past seven years, universities have increased course fees for international students by more than inflation. However, Keri Ramirez, director of data analytics firm Studymove, said that with inflation expected to exceed 8 per cent by the end of the year, it was unlikely for most universities to continue with previous increases in tuition fees next year.

While 18 universities have not raised their fees in the past two years, Ramirez's analysis found that five will see tuition increases of more than 4 per cent in 2022, while 15 will see increases of between 2 and 4 per cent. Annual tuition increases of more than 5% are the norm until 2020.

Studymove reviewed 3942 undergraduate courses and 2387 postgraduate courses offered by 40 Australian universities in 2022. The research found that the average tuition fee for an undergraduate course was $34,920/year, and the average annual fee for a postgraduate course was $35,879/year.

The price ranges for the most expensive undergraduate and postgraduate courses are $49,619 and $49,595 a year respectively, while the cheapest are $25,575 and $23,936 respectively.

The University of Sydney is ranked 3rd in the QS World University Rankings, has the highest tuition fees in Australia, and an attractive location and reputation. The University of the Sunshine Coast, ranked between 1001-1400 in the world, has the lowest tuition fees for undergraduates at $25,775 and $27,800 for masters.

For international students looking for affordable tuition fees, the 10th-ranked University of Wollongong has much lower fees than universities ranked above it, with an average undergraduate tuition fee of $38,958 and a postgraduate degree of $28,908.

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