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1. Announcement of Times Young University Rankings

Times Higher Education released the 2021 Young University Rankings on June 23. This ranking only focuses on colleges and universities that were established 50 years or less since 1971, so the schools on the list are all colleges with great potential in the future!

The Times Higher Education Young University Ranking uses the same 13 performance indicators as the World University Rankings, and the weights have been re-adjusted to reflect the characteristics of young universities. The most comprehensive and balanced comparison of the five core missions of universities: teaching (30%), research (30%), citations (30%), international outlook (7.5%), and industry income (2.5%). The trust of students, scholars, university leaders, industry and government.

Key points: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, the number one among the world's top young universities! A total of 68 universities from countries and regions participated in the ranking this year, an increase of 2 countries and regions over last year. Australian universities performed well! A total of 23 universities have entered the top 100 in the world, with unlimited potential.

The top ten in the world, among which the University of Technology Sydney is ninth.

Among the top 10 countries and regions in the number of young universities, Australia has a total of 23, among which the University of Technology Sydney ranked first. Compared with last year, it has improved 6 places, making it into the top ten of the world's young universities!

2.University of Adelaide has expanded its recruitment!

In order to cater for domestic students who cannot return to Australia, the University of Adelaide has expanded its recruitment this time! In order to facilitate the study of overseas international students,

The school has set up an overseas study center in China, and at the same time, it will accept domestic students' college entrance examination results to apply for undergraduate admission, bringing Adelaide's resources to your side.

While studying the corresponding courses in China, students can also enjoy high-standard campus facilities, face-to-face guidance from professional teachers, interaction and assistance with professional friends, etc., which can effectively solve many problems that people study overseas. Partner institutions:

Ocean University of China-Qingdao Laoshan Campus

Southwest University-Chongqing Songshuqiao Campus

Eligibility for international students:

In the second semester of 2021 (Semester 2), Chinese students enrolled in some of the undergraduate and taught master's courses at University of Adelaide.

At the University of Adelaide Overseas Study Center, students can:

  • Experience rich online & offline learning facilities
  • Online courses are all taught by the University of Adelaide teachers, offline and equipped with course guidance assistants
  • Participate in the rich club activities in the school
  • Use the perfect and advanced facilities on the campus of the partner colleges, such as libraries and computer rooms, etc.
  • Enjoy the beautiful accommodation environment

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