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2021.June. 08

1. Update of the second semester teaching mode of Winter

Although Melbourne has entered the fourth lockdown stage recently, the Victorian government is still very confident in the return plan of overseas students. Recently announced the back-to-school plan and teaching plan for the second semester of 2021.

From the beginning of the winter semester and the second semester, the University of Mexico provides students with most small and medium-sized group teaching in the kindergarten, and provides online options for overseas students. At the same time, it is planned to provide about 90% of the second semester subjects on campus, and it is noted that many subjects will adopt a two-way teaching mode.

Students in Mexico University can pay more attention to the changes in the course schedule and email notifications to avoid missing important information! ! !

2. UTS business and communications undergraduate students have the opportunity to exempt 4 courses

UTS Business School officially announced that it will provide 24 credits (4 courses) pre-entry exemption for graduates who apply for the Australian AQP level 5 or 6 qualifications of Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Management.

The undergraduate system is exempted for 0.5 years and 4 courses, which is equivalent to exempting the first semester of study. Students do not need to apply for additional applications when submitting applications. The school will automatically evaluate student requirements and will be directly exempted if they pass the evaluation.

For students applying for Bachelor of Communication, the majors that can apply for exemption courses include:

Bachelor of Communication (Journalism)*

Bachelor of Communication (Media Arts and Production)*

Bachelor of Communication (Public Communication)*

Bachelor of Communication(Social and Political Sciences)*

Bachelor of Communication (Creative Writing)*

Bachelor of Communication (Digital and Social Media)*

Bachelor of Music and Sound Design

Also includes Bachelor of Creative Intelligence& Innovation (BCII) double degree

Eligible Bachelor of Communication applicants will be exempted from the CBK91115 interdisciplinary elective course credits

Eligible Bachelor of Music and Sound Design applicants will be exempted from the credits of the CBK91142 elective course

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