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1、South Australia also plans to abolish the entry quarantine requirements for international students

When the federal government approves the return of international students to Australia, the South Australia Plan will no longer require participants in its "International Student Arrival Program" to undergo a two-week quarantine. After the government announced that the border will be fully opened to accept fully vaccinated international immigrants, the authorities are reconsidering the need to charter special flights for students. According to the state government’s covid-ready plan, once 80% of locals aged 15 and above are fully vaccinated, immunized interstate travelers will no longer need to be quarantined. This milestone is expected to be achieved on November 23.

Although foreign students currently need to obtain a travel exemption to enter Australia, Ms. Kent, CEO of Study Adelaide, said she hopes that this situation will change before South Australia reaches the 90% vaccination milestone.

2. The QLD pilot is advancing, and supporting isolation measures are in preparation

The Queensland Government has reached a cooperation agreement with various universities in Queensland, and the plan will promote international students from Queensland universities to enter Queensland to arrange isolation. The project is currently undergoing final approval with the Australian government. Once the project is approved, universities will pick up 250 people back every two weeks. The plan will be implemented in early 2022.

In response to this project, Queensland has begun preparations for the construction of isolation facilities. The Queensland pilot program is relatively conservative, and the location and scale of the project have also been criticized to some extent, but let’s take a look at the effect map of the quarantine project.

NSW-The first batch of pilot students need to be quarantined, but UNSW principal Ian Jacobs said that he expects the quarantine requirements to be "removed soon."

Victoria-The first batch of pilots need to be quarantined, and the Victorian government will review the cost and arrangements of quarantine as further opening up.

South Australia-14-day hotel quarantine is no longer required.

Canberra-International students vaccinated with TGA-approved vaccines early next year can enter the country without isolation.

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